15 Crazy Fun Baby Shower Games for Adults

Baby shower games can very easily ruin a baby shower. A moment of celebration can quickly turn into 100 moments of dread for everybody involved.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


You’re different.

Only reason they’re smiling is because they have wine.

If you’re going to have a party celebrating the arrival of that human growing in your belly then you want to make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves and that means you’re going to play games.

Not games with their mind, but actual games where everyone can laugh, smile, throw their hands up and possibly get so overly competitive that friendships are ruined and new divisions arise in the family.

Okay, maybe you don’t want that last part and you should actively try to avoid that from happening.

Yikes, this kind of took a dark turn. Let’s get back on the happy train.

Before we go over these awesome baby shower game ideas, let’s talk about why baby shower games even exist in the first place.

Why You Need Games at a Baby Shower

If you’re wondering why you even need to have games at a baby shower the answer is simple.

You need to kill the awkwardness of strangers sitting together in a room where all of their energy is supposed to be focused on one person.

In today’s world. you don’t always have the luxury of sitting behind a monitor while you interact with people. Sometimes you have to meet up with a group of people where the only thing you have in common is the person that invited you.

Unfortunately, this person often things that for some reason because you all know them, that means you all will get along and talk and talk and talk.

That never happens so you need a way to force interaction between people who are actively trying to avoid it.

The solution? GAMES!

So even if you think games are horrendously stupid if you want to have a solid baby shower, then having some games planned out is always a good idea.

Exchanging a gift that she will probably return. Always bring gift receipts.

Baby Shower Game Ideas

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t played all of these games. There are only so many baby showers one should go to in their lifetime.

However, I have no problem doing the research for you and providing my expert opinion on these matters.

You didn’t know I was an expert at games did you? Amazing the things you can learn by randomly finding a post on a topic that you’d never thought you’d look at.

The Internet, what a beautifully terrifying place.

On to the baby shower games.

1. Don’t Say “Baby”

If we’re being honest, this should be a drinking game.

The idea is that the second people enter the party the game begins. It’s kind of like the Hunger Games.

When each guest enters give them a diaper pin (yes, they still exist) to wear on their shirt. Once everyone has arrived, tell them that they can’t say “baby.

If you really want to up the ante the game should start whenever someone arrives. Having to wait for everyone removes the risks!

If anyone hears another person say “baby” then they have to call them out and they get their pin. Whoever ends up with the most pins at the end of the party wins.

Yes, this requires you to be a snitch and eavesdrop on every conversation so basically things that you do already.

2. Guess the Baby Game

This one you have to get started early. Like as soon as you send the invitations out.

With the invitations, you need to instruct each guest to bring a baby photo of themselves. Why?

So that you can put all of the pictures up on a wall, board, blimp, wherever. When everyone has arrived and all of the pictures are up, have each guest guess who each baby is.

The person with the most right wins!

I would never play this game because my nostrils would be a dead giveaway for my pic. You need to find people that had those crazy baby transformations where they looked like a toad and turned into a bigger toad as an adult.

3. Baby Sketch Artists

For some reason, this is a thing.

Each person has to draw what they believe the baby will look like on a paper plate.

The best sketch wins!

I know, I know. That seems unfair because the person with the most artistic ability will always win.

But here’s the catch!

Each person has to put the paper plate on their head and then proceed to draw.

That levels the playing field and you’ll be surprised to know that when everyone has to draw like this all babies end up looking like tadpoles.

She’s happy everyone is gone. Except for the person taking this picture. Who is taking this picture? Leave the house!

4. Guess the Baby Food

I’m sure you can already guess what this is. It’s carrots and apricot!

Wait, sorry. I mean you can already guess what this game is about.

You get jars of baby food, remove the labels and get people to guess what they are. You can blindfold them of course but sometimes when you blindfold people and bring in baby food it becomes a different type of party.

If you’re wondering how many flavors you should bring then I would say at least 7. Make sure you keep track of them all or you could not keep track and do a big reveal at the end about how you have no idea which jar is which.

And don’t let people share spoons.

That’s just nasty.

5. Baby Items in the Bag

This isn’t the most exciting game but not all baby showers are the most exciting events.

It’s not my job to discriminate between the boring and exciting people.

For this game you need a good size bag where you can put 10 items in. The items can’t be any items but items that are useful for a baby.

Then you pass the bag around and each guest has 60 seconds to guess each item in the bag, without looking. They have to write their guesses on a piece of paper and when everyone is done you read out the items.

What do you do if there is a tie?

The people that are tied have to give up their purses and you get to guess which each item in their purse is.

Mom is fake happy. Where is her damn wine?

6. Drink Up, Baby!

Now we’re talking.

Get baby bottles and fill them up with your liquid of choice (I’m not one to discriminate).

On the counter of three you have a chugging contest with baby bottles.

Yes, make sure there are nipples on the bottles.

Don’t do milkshakes.

The party won’t end for a week.

7. Bobbing for Nipples

I’m not going to go into too much detail about this one. Get a large container, fill it with water and baby bottle nipples, then give everyone 2 minutes to get as many nipples as possible.

To make it more interesting insert your favorite liquid in place of water.

Just joking.

Kind of.

Okay, I’m not.

8. Baby Price is Right

Grab however many baby items you want and have people guess their prices.

You can award prizes based on who is closest to the individual items or all of the items combined.

If this sounds like The Price is Right then you’d be correct. In fact, Bob Barker stole that game idea from me. For this to happen I would have to be older than Bob Barker who was born in 1849 and while I never intended to reveal my age I can definitely say I was born before Bobby Barker.

And yes, I write a blog on throwing parties.

9. Pin the Baby on the Mama

Big poster of mama.



Have fun.

10. Sloppy Diaper Relay

If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a pit crew at a racecar even then here is your chance.

Set up baby stations with baby dolls and diapers.

Break your guests into teams and hand out blindfolds (you can tell that Baby Shower game creators have a thing for blindfolds). Set a timer for whatever time you think is appropriate.

When you say to begin each team must take turns trying to change the diaper. The most fun part is yelling “SWITCH” when the team members need to switch

First team to successfully put a diaper on wins.

Getting a diaper on the head of the baby isn’t a success.

11. Guess Her Measurements

I can say this with certainty. At some point in Baby Shower history, there has been a homicide or two because of this game.

The game is pretty simple.

Grab a ball of yarn and pass it around. Each person cuts a length of yarn in which they believe to be the size of the Mother’s belly.

You do not want to try and cheat by wrapping the yarn around someone who isn’t pregnant but you believe is close to the same size as the Mom.

It will not end well with you.

Once everyone is done, see who is the closest to the correct measurement.

12. Dirty Diapers

I wasn’t sure if I should include this game or not because if we’re being honest it’s pretty damn disgusting.

Nobody likes a dirty diaper and replicating one doesn’t sound appealing at all to me but people have come up with this game idea and I’ve confirmed with Baby Shower participants that this game exists.

What you want to do is grab a couple of diapers. New ones if you have them. Hopefully you do.

Then melt several different pieces of chocolate candies into them. A unique candy for each diaper.

Yeah, this already sounds terrible.

If you want to make things challenging then you need to mix up the textures of the chocolates. Some with nuts, some with caramel, some with nougat and some plain.

Pass the diapers around to each person and have them sniff AND lick the chocolate mess. Then they must guess what type of chocolate/brand it is.

Oh, more baby clothes. Superb!

13. How Old Was She?

This can be a dangerous game depending on how sensitive the mom-to-be is about her age.

What you’re going to do is grab some old pictures of her from all different pages.

Give each guest a pen and paper and have them guess the age of each photo.

That’s the traditional way of doing it but I feel there needs to be some type of punishment if you’re far off.

If a person is 3+ years off then they need to take a shot.

It’s the only fitting punishment for such ignorance.

14. My Water Broke!

What you want to do is grab some tiny plastic babies (find them here on Amazon) and put them in ice cube trays.

Freeze them up in water.

Pass them out to guests and the guests have to try and free the baby.


That’s the rules you have to decide. Someone could easily just toss the ice on the ground and free the baby that does sound very fun.

Maybe they can only free the baby without using their hands or they have to lick to see who can get to the center.

Your baby, your rules.

15. Feed the Baby

Bring a mop for this one.

Divide your party into teams of two. Bibs are optional.

Each team gets a jar of applesauce and two small spoons. One team at a time you’ll blindfold the pair and have them feed applesauce to each other.

I promise you this isn’t sexual.

Time how long it takes to finish a jar.

And no, you can’t just dump it down your pants. Save that for the kid’s 18th birthday.

Make It Fun

If you really want to know the key to a great baby shower is that you make sure that multiple people win a prize. When the guest arrive make sure to show your excitement about the craziness that is about to go down.

There is nothing worse than showing up for a party and people treat it like a wake.