17 Beautiful Baby Shower Invitations That Will Save You Money

If you’re going to throw a baby shower that has the most awesome adult games then you need to make sure you invite the right people.

How do you do that?

That’s not really on me to tell you because you know for a fact that you’re going to have to invite some people you just don’t want to invite.

And there will be some people that are hurt they didn’t get an invite even though you have spoken with them since the 1st grade.

The fact of the matter is, you’re pregnant.

You don’t feel your best.

While it’s great to see a lot of people this baby shower is more about getting a shit ton of diapers and for everyone else to have fun.

You’re just the carnival attraction where people hand you a ticket so they can rub your belly.

But traditions are traditions and that means you have to throw a baby shower, at least for your first kid, and if you want people to come then you’re going to need invitations.

Could you do this electronically?

Most certainly but then people will judge you because Sally sent out some pretty cool invitations last year for her baby shower.

You aren’t going to let Sally get the best of you so even though you don’t like half of these people and don’t really want to sit around a lot of people for 2+ hours, you have to do what you have to do.

You’re not going to have your reputation trashed because you sent out some weak invitations.

Don’t worry because I have your back.

Here are some great and affordable baby shower invitations that you can order up and send out to the people you like and hopefully some get lost to the people you don’t.

Beautiful Baby Shower Invitations to Send to Your People

I’m going to make your life easy and only link to invitations that I found on Etsy. This way you won’t have to bounce from site to site.

Plus, Etsy has some legitimately good designers so why not use it?!

It’s important to also understand I don’t go for the cheesy stuff. If it looks tacky and out of place, it isn’t going on this list.

Again, your reputation is at stake here and you’re trusting me with the future of your status in your social circle.

I won’t let you down.

1. Greenery Baby Invitation

Simple. Beautiful. Elegant.

It gets the job done.

I honestly could end this post with this invitation because it checks off the right things.

The only difficulty is in the times. “from 1 to 4 pm” can be easy to miss for those people that only look at the pictures, but is that your fault if they miss it?

No, it’s not.

You’re pregnant. You can’t hold these people’s hands.

2. Greenery 2 Baby Invitation

Yep, I’m throwing more greenery your way because when I think baby I think mess.

What does that have to do with greenery?

Absolutely nothing but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the beauty of having irrelevant leaves on an invitation.

This invitation checks off everything with regards to it being easy to read.

However, it looks like they are going to have a 5-hour baby shower which is completely batshit insane.

Don’t do a 5-hour baby shower. You won’t be having anymore babies after that.

3. Gold Blush Floral Baby Invitation

At this point you have to wonder if babies are born in gardens because so many invitations seem to have a floral element to them.

That’s pretty crazy.

I didn’t have any flowers around for my kids but maybe they would’ve been able to wake at 2 months if that was the case.

I’ll never know because I’m not trying to have another kid or another baby shower.

4. Elephant Baby Shower Invitation



But this time we’re going to throw in a baby elephant which is great because when you toss in a baby elephant on an invitation, people are going to look.


Because illustrated baby elephants might the be cutest things in this world.

Closeup of Three Baby African Elephants Playing Together Next to an Adult Female

Okay, dammit.

Real life baby elephants are cute as well.

You win this time baby elephants!

5. Baby Elephant 2 Shower Invitation

Did you really think I was going to leave you with just one baby elephant invitation?

Hell to the no no no no.

This one adds a bit more color and it might be our first invitation without any plants on it. Instead, we get to see butterflies and a baby Zebra.

This is starting to me believe that humans are better off giving birth to wild animals than to human babies.

Human babies look 90 years old when they first come out.

Apparently, baby wild animals have huge heads are cute as a button.

I might have to start a petition to allow humans to birth wild animals.

I’ll keep you posted.

6. Bohemian Couples Baby Shower Invitation

Yes, back to the floral stuff but sometimes you need a super professional looking invitation where people are thinking that you paid big time money to make this happen.

You can tell them your French street artist friend designed them as a favor for the time you were a lookout for them.

They’d be in jail if it wasn’t for your ability to whistle with your fingers.

7. Llama Baby Shower Invitation

Not sure I need to say anything here.

Flowers. Baby animal (this time a llama).

This is the homerun of baby invitation design elements.

The designer of this invitation 100% knows their audience and is exploiting all of their weaknesses.

Just take my money.

8. More Greenery Baby Invitations

Enough joking around.

It’s time to get serious.

Why aren’t all babies able to swing from vines the second they enter this world?

The amount of floral patterns that you see on baby invitations is pretty insane. At the very least babies should be able to go right into your backyard and start an amazing garden.

Imagine never having to go to the store again for fresh produce because your baby brings you a basket of goodies daily that they grew.

Kind of makes you think that babies are slacking in the work department.

9. It’s a Boy Baby Shower Invitation

By this point you would think that plants or animals were a requirement on a baby invitation but what if I told you that there are some baby invitations out there that don’t have either?

Crazy right?

Instead of polluting our oceans with balloons, why not just get an invitation with a balloon on it?

Saves you the trouble of looking completely awkward trying to get it into your car and hoping the car isn’t so hot that the balloon pops the second it touches the car interior.

I’m not sure what the gold dots are on the invitation but hey, you always need a background.

10. Taco Baby Shower Invitation

Time to close up shop. You aren’t going to beat this invitation. Yes there will be. many after this and there were many before but the is the one.

I want this invitation to become so popular that people get sick thinking about tacos.

That’s how awesome this invitation is.

And of course you can’t have tacos without some cacti, right?

Because that’s what I think about when I think about tacos.

A prickly cactus to sit on while I enjoy my meat and veggies wrapped in a delicious tortilla shell.

11. Lemon Baby

You know what I like about this one?

The designer knew you need a plant on the invitation but didn’t want to go traditional so instead they decided that they would go with lemons.

Because…umm…shit, I don’t have any good reason why you would have lemons on an invitation.

Not sure what this person was thinking but it’s still pretty so I have to give them props.

12. Little Ray of Sunshine

I like color and this invitation brings the color.

This is something you feel bad throwing away so you keep it in that kitchen drawer where all of the other junk goes until eventually the baby on the invitation has graduated high school and is off to travel Europe.

You never got to travel Europe so you don’t like the baby.

If you don’t like the baby why keep the invitation?

You shouldn’t.

Throw it away.

It gives you more space to add other junk to the drawer finally like your cousin’s wedding invite.

13. Modern BBQ Baby Shower Invitation

I don’t really have much to say about this classy BBQ invitation.

The idea of a BBQ Baby Shower is absolutely brilliant.

I know earlier I said that I wasn’t going to have any more kids but I’m seriously reconsidering it now just so I can have my BBQ Baby Shower.

Now I’m hungry.

14. Brunch Baby Shower Invitation

I’m going to have to talk to my editor because it’s not wise to get me hungry with BBQ and then throw a stack of pancakes in my face.

However, I do like the creativity of this invitation and the idea of a Baby Shower Brunch is, like the BBQ, brilliant.

People don’t go to baby showers to just sit around. You need to feed them and more importantly you need to feed the new mama.

Do that and everyone will have a great time.

14. Farm Animals

Baby invitation + animals.

You already know the drill on this one so let’s not fake the funk anymore.

15. Poppin Bottles Baby Shower Invitation

Okay, while this isn’t my favorite invitation it wins for the most creative headline.

The question is are the adults really going to be popping bottles or are they faking the funk.

I’m going to assume the funk will be faked because I’ve never been to a baby shower the adults actually went crazy and enjoyed themselves.

Some might consider it rude to drink around the pregnant woman but it’s a celebration!

It’s rude of her not to let you get absolutely plastered so she can remember these moments for the rest of her life.

Plus, she’ll be able to guilt you into babysitting down the road after you puked in her kitchen.

16. Little Pumpkin

I think the designer of this invitation was trying to pull a fast one.

“A little Pumpkin is on the way”


But there is only one pumpkin on the invitation.

And it’s white!

Consider the fast one pulled.

17. Rustic Floral Baby Shower Invitation

Let’s end this series with a classy, rustic invitation that does a great job with colors.

I really don’t have much more to say about it.

It’s nice.

Baby Shower Invitations Can Avoid Boring

As you can see, baby shower invitations don’t have to be boring. You can find plenty that will match your personality and yet they aren’t something you need to stress about.

Just make sure you get the right information on there so people don’t miss the party.

It’s very hard to have any type of baby shower games if nobody is at the party to play them.

Enjoy yourself. It’s a celebration!