All the Best Ugly Sweaters for Your Ugly Sweater Party

At some point, a long time ago, probably in the 80’s, people started wearing ugly sweaters with holiday themes. They didn’t know they were ugly, they thought they were festive and fun.

Later, probably in the 2000’s, everyone looked back at pictures of Christmas parties from the 80’s and died laughing at the ugly sweaters people were wearing.

And so was born the Ugly Sweater Party. It is a grand tradition. Here are some amazing ideas for what to wear to your Ugly Sweater party.

Ugly Sweaters to Buy

Etsy has a fantastic selection of really creative ugly sweaters.

You can buy them straight from Etsy, or just use them as inspiration for making your own version.

The Ugly Sweater for Someone Who Just Can’t Deal with Ugly

This is ugly in a cute way. It’s a little like cheating if you ask me.

An ugly sweater shouldn’t really be flattering.

I mean no one is wearing this to anything other than an Ugly Sweater Party, but it’s still going to probably win “Cutest Ugly Sweater”. And I bet whoever wears it was like Homecoming Queen in high school, too.

Sassy Ugly Sweater that is Really a Skirt

Ok, still cute here, but the lights around the neck are so festive that this one is definitely a good Ugly Sweater.

Or Ugly skirt.

This is totally DIY-able, too.

Retro-ish Ugly Sweater

I love this ugly sweater because from a far it reminds me of a retro style Ugly Sweater that didn’t mean to be ugly.

But up close it’s all emojis!

I feel like this sweater could also be a really fun party game. Someone will make up some rules on that and this guy will have hands on his sweater all night.

The Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

This is a winner. It’s ugly. There’s not really any way to deny that. But it’s not the most unflattering thing you could wear.

And, it is interactive! You put your arms over your head and YOU are a Christmas tree.

How awesome is that. This one will be the hit of the party. You’ll win an award.

Double Sided Ugliness Care of The Grinch

At least I think that’s the Grinch. I think that thing is actually uglier than the Grinch.

This should be a shoe in for ugliest sweater. It’s so ugly. And it’s completely unflattering.

But you really shouldn’t pass up a chance to wear a Grinch butt.

Classic Ugly Sweater

Because the Ugly Sweater party has gotten so popular, we’ve gone a little over the top with the ugly sweaters.

Just see the Grinch one above if you don’t believe me?

Be the subtle ugly sweater of the party with this great Classic Ugly Sweater. You could wear this to your aunt’s house for Christmas dinner and she’d probably ask to borrow it.

The Llama Ugly Sweater

An ugly sweater with a Llama on it is unique.

It’s cute because it’s got a llama on it. But it’s still tacky-ugly.

It’s the sweater that people will go, “Awwww, that’s so ugly!”.

Faux-broidery Vintage Ugly Sweater

This sweater has two things go for it.

It’s actually vintage, so you could pretend it was your Mom’s ugly sweater that she wore to that one Christmas party in ’87 when the cops came.

And it’s also got faux-broidery. I like that.

The Ugly Sweater That’s Actually A T Shirt Because Parties Get HOT!

If you’re one of those people that gets all hot and red faced at a good party, then you might not want to wear an ugly sweater all night.

No worries, you can go with this Ugly T Shirt! It even has your face on it.

You’ll be as cool as a cucumber and ugly, too!

The Functional Ugly Sweater

I’ve included this ugly sweater because it is actually very useful.

It has a handy pocket for your drink. You can sip all night while just slightly tipping your head down and to the right.

Yes, you might spill some of your rum & coke, but let’s be honest, that’s probably going to happen anyway, isn’t it?

Ugly Sweaters to Make

Ok, on to the DIY’s. I love a good DIY.

Mostly because I am a procrastinator and I don’t order the cute ones from Etsy in time for it to be delivered for the party.

The Snowglobe Ugly Sweater

This is a great ugly sweater because it is totally ugly. And also completely unflattering.

It says, “I went all in for this party!”

This is a guy you want at your ugly sweater party.

It’s a Tie! Ugly Sweater

You know there’s a stack of these Christmas ties somewhere either in your house or your mother’s house.

This is a sustainable Ugly Sweater. Don’t throw those ties away. Reuse! Repurpose!

Saving the planet one ugly sweater at a time.

The Crafty Ugly Sweater

Yeah, this is my kind of Ugly Sweater.

This is the, Shoot, we never got ugly sweaters, let’s go to Michael’s on the way to the party and see what we can whip up.

Very crafty.

Reindeer Pooping Bows Ugly Sweater

I probably would have negotiated to not wear the poop half of this adorable couples sweater.

Mostly because I don’t know how much sense it makes when you aren’t standing next to your significant other who has the first half on.

But this is 100% ugly and 99% cute at the same time. Take that, MATH!

Doggie Ugly Sweater

Oh, don’t forgot your pooch at the Ugly Sweater Party!

This isn’t even ugly at all.

It’s adorable. Cutie.

The Gingerbread Sweater Vest

This has layers of interest to it.

The gingerbread is tacky cute. It’s a vest and vest’s are universally ugly. It looks like you tried really, really hard.

I’m all for that.

Catmas Ugly Sweater

This is a woman you want at your party. I don’t know her, but I know her, you know?

Get a few drinks in this woman and she’s going to spill ALL of the family secrets.

That’s fun, right?

Kittens in Mittens Ugly Sweater

Awwww! Right?? So cute.

This is another one that says, I tried really hard to do this just right.

This says, I’m very festive. You can tell by the kittens in the mittens! That I MADE!

What Are You Wearing?

Ok, you have two choices. Make or Buy.

Don’t let time slip by and force your hand into making something. Unless you want to. Sometimes that’s for the best.

Happy Ugly Sweater Season!