Fantastic Alice in Wonderland Party Supplies

Do you need a few things to round out the DIY Party decor for your Alice In Wonderland Party? Or maybe you don’t really want to DIY a thing. You want to point and click for your Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies and have them arrive at your doorstep.

I get it. And I got you covered. I found all the best and easiest Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies that Etsy has to offer so you can sit on the couch and point and click.

Consider the party planned.

Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies for the Food Table

The food table is a great place to add some theme specific decor. So the food does double duty.

It’s food. And it’s also part of the decor for the party.

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Fondant Cake Toppers

Alice In Wonderland Cake Toppers

I didn’t know that this was a thing. That you could buy fondant cake toppers separately from an entire cake.

What I love about this is you could buy a plain-ish cake, OR you could make your child’s favorite cake and then just buy the toppers to make it a little extra special.

These are really almost too cute to pass up.

Edible Cupcake Toppers

If you’re a cupcake kind of person, ( I totally am!), then these edible cupcake toppers might be perfect for your Alice In Wonderland party.

These are possibly the easiest thing you could do to decorate a plain old cupcake. You just stick them on top!

As long as your cupcakes are delicious, they don’t need to be anything else. The decor is done for you.

Alice Inspired Chip Bags

I am a little obsessed with the design of these Alice In Wonderland Chip bags.

I mean, how pretty are they, right?

I feel like I could design my whole house, never mind a party, just off of this chip bag. If you really want to be a bit over the top, this is a way to go.

Buffet Labels

If you’ve got a food table, you should have food labels.

It’s an easy way to add a little bit of a fun detail to the party in addition to being an easy way to identify the food that’s available.

Extra points to you if you come up with funny theme appropriate names for the food!

Alice In Wonderland Party Decor Supplies

Can you go overboard with party decor supplies?

I mean, I suppose you could. Especially if you go over your budget. That you definitely don’t want to do.

Otherwise, I say the sky is the limit with decor.

Personalized Welcome Sign

You can start your party perfectly with this personalized Welcome sign.

It’s right on theme with the Tea Party thing and your child will love seeing their name.

This would be great to hang in there room after the party, too!

Alice In Wonderland Printable Decor & Game Kit

Here’s a little secret I’m going to give you because you’ve made it this far into this post on Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies.

You ready?

You could buy this package of printables and have an AMAZING Alice In Wonderland party. There’s basically everything you need for a really cute party right in this digital download.

I mean there’s printable flamingos so you can do Flamingo croquet (croquet set not included, obviously).

Giant Card Banner

I really like this giant card banner for a couple of reasons. It’s totally on theme for Alice In Wonderland and it’s adorable as a banner.

I think you could also make some cute Card Soldiers out of the cards, too, though.

AND, I think that giant cards could be re-used for other parties. Like, a game night. Or a casino night! Let’s have a casino night!

Printable Pocket Watch

I loooove these black and white pocket watches. The pocket watch is a theme throughout Alice In Wonderland, so it’s perfect for your party.

These would be great as a backdrop or hung from tree limbs if it’s an outside party.

And these have possibilities for re-using too. Wouldn’t they be great for New Year’s Even?

Teacup Balloons

Balloons are a great way to decorate for a party because they are fun and they take up a lot of space.

One or two really special balloons like this teacup one will really make a big impact amidst a bunch of regular old balloons.

You will need to either buy a helium tank or take these to the party store and get the blown up for a small fee.

Alice In Wonderland Centerpiece

I am a big, big fan of having a centerpiece at a party.

Even at a kids party. They may not really appreciate it that much, but something as special as this centerpiece is just magical.

This would also be great for an Alice themed baby shower.

Alice In Wonderland Party Supplies: Games & Entertainment

You need some organized fun at every party. Otherwise it turns into a bunch of sugared up kids running willy nilly all over the place.

Alice In Wonderful is a very playful story and there are lots of fun games and activities that you can arrange for the party.

Paint Your Own Roses

I know, I know. This is going to be CRAZY messy.

So just plan a head a little, but the kids will LOVE painting these giant roses.

What’s great about these is they are a part of the decor AND if they dry in time, they are also a party favor!

Photo Booth Props

You probably need to do a photo booth at your Alice In Wonderland tea party.

Kids love them and they are both entertainment and decor, so that’s always a plus.

You can make it really easy on yourself with digital download photo booth props. Download, print and attach to some popsicle sticks and you’ve got instant (ish) fun.

Alice In Wonderland Bingo

Bingo is always a hit at a party. And it’s always a good thing to get the kids sitting down for a few minutes.

They will get a sugar crash at some point, so be ready for that with a fun game like Bingo.

This one is perfectly on theme with the Alice In Wonderland Movie.

Party Favor Bags

If you need party favor bags for your Alice In Wonderland party, then you should get these. They are way too cute.

This is something that you just can’t DIY. At least not very easily and not without some serious DIY skills. And probably a Cricut machine.

Something like this is so very memorable, though.

Alice Necklaces

I was surprised to see that these necklaces are 10 for $15. If that’s in your party favor budget, I think it’s an adorable idea for a party favor.

The necklaces look very dainty and you know little girls will just love them.

This is for a very sweet Alice In Wonderland Party. A true tea party.

Candy Bar Wrappers

I love a candy bar wrapper. As a party favor, it’s easy and it’s so special.

I love the whole thing. The on theme front of the wrapper and the super cute back of the wrapper with the cute ingredients.

I think the whole thing is clever and memorable.

Party The Plan

While a DIY party is a lot of fun and really special, sometimes, an “I got an on Etsy” party is just as spectacular.

If buying the party supplies means you are a more rested and less anxious Mama on party day, then I say, Etsy all the way.

Maybe pick one DIY from the Alice In Wonderland Party post and point and click for the rest.