An Extraordinary Alice In Wonderland Party

I can’t really think of a more magical party than an Alice In Wonderland Tea party. Maybe a Unicorn Party is nearly as magical, but an Alice in Wonderland party to me is just dripping with fun and imagination.

I can picture all of the colors and the little creatures and, of course, the crazy tea party! It’s just all perfect for a child’s birthday party theme.

How to Plan a Wonderful Alice In Wonderland Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Alice In Wonderland Party Food

We always start our parties with the food and the food at an Alice in Wonderland party is going to be a no brainer. You know it has to be a tea party.

But, it also has to be kid friendly. When I say kid friendly, I mean, sugary without being too sugary and probably no hot tea should be served. Because,

  1. It’s hot and hot tea and banshee children are a bad combo
  2. Tea usually has caffeine and you don’t want that kind of disaster on your hands.

Mad Hatter Cake

You need a cake for a birthday party and the Mad Hatter’s Hat is already the perfect base for a cake.

This Mad Hatter Cake from Cakes Decor is probably DIY-able for some people. I’m not one of those people that could make this, however.

I’d bring a picture to my favorite bakery and see if they have the skills to replicated this one. Pretty sure there’s fondant happening and that can be tricky.

Cheshire Cat Cake Pops

These Cheshire Cat Cake Pops from Catch My party are definitely a possible DIY. Cake pops are not nearly as difficult to make as you might imagine.

And the Cheshire Cat is one of the iconic symbols of Alice in Wonderland. You definitely need him represented somewhere at your party.

I like cake pops for parties because depending on how you display them, they are also part of your decor!

Queen Of Hearts Tea Sandwiches

Sometimes you want to have “food” and not just sweet treats at the party. Especially if it’s around a meal time.

These little Queen of Hearts Tea Sandwiches are perfect a lunch time party.

Yes, it might be a bit time consuming to achieve this result, but parties are about the small details. This something the guests will absolutely remember.

Cheshire Cat Cheeseball

Here’s the Cheshire Cat again. As a Cheshire Cat Cheeseball. How awesome is he?

Cheese balls are so yummy and if you can make one look this adorable, then you should just make it.

I love how the whole thing is completely edible.

Eat Me Mini Cakes

Did you forget about the whole “eat me” and “drink me” thing that happens in Alice In Wonderland? It’s kind of odd, but it does make for cute party fare.

I love these little teeny miniature Eat Me cakes from Shelterness for the snack table. They are very “tea party” appropriate.

They say “dainty” to me and Alice always reminds me of “dainty”. Except I guess when she gets giant.

This One Makes You Smaller Drink Labels

Labels on the food or drink that you’re going to use at the party are probably the easiest way to stay on theme for the party.

These “Bigger” and “Smaller” labels for soda bottles from Birthday Direct are awesome. You don’t want to ruin the whole Alice vibe with a big old bottle of Coke, right?

These are the little details that really put things over the top.

Alice In Wonderland Party Decor

The one thing I can tell you about my daughter’s high school drama club’s production of Alice In Wonderland is that the set design was to die for.

The tea party was over the top colorful, the costumes were crazy. It was just a massive feast for the eyeballs.

Your party decor should be no different. Think bright, bold and a little outlandish.

Down the Rabbit Hole Entrance

This amazing “down the rabbit hole” entrance from Hand Picked Parties is way over the top and that’s why I love it.

It sets this party off on the right foot, immediately. You know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

It’s also a perfect spot to get some photos of your guests as they arrive!

Quotes from the Movie (I Know It’s a Book)

There are so many fun quotes from Alice In Wonderland and these chalkboard signs from My Tuesday Therapy are perfect for displaying them.

My favorite is definitely this one about “We’re all mad here”.

The black background and colorful chalk remind me very much of some of the scenes from Alice (you know that trippy black and white pattern?)

Playing Card Soldiers

You’re DEFINITELY going to need the Playing Cards soldiers from Red Ted Art in your decor. My daughter was a Card in the play. The 8 of Hearts (I think. Its tough to tell when they are one of a million cards).

But the cards are an iconic image from the movie.

When the Queen yells “Off with their head”, well, they do the offing.

Tea Party Decor

Design Dazzle has got it all right with this Tea Party. I love the clocks, they are a running theme in Alice (the bunny that can’t be late?).

I also see the a very Mad Hatter-ish hat. And of course there’s lots of precious looking tea things.

For a kids party, I would go a little more bold with the colors and a lot more plastic with the tea things.

Bright and Poppy Food Table Backdrop

You’re going to serve food and that means you’re going to have a wall, or in this case a hedge, behind the food table that needs decorating.

This beautiful backdrop from Shelterness is perfect. Everything is very diy-able. It’s the colors that are truly outstanding here.

You could achieve something similar with lots bright balloons.

Pretty Lanterns

Alice In Wonderland Party Games

Alice In Wonderland is a very playful theme and the party games will totally need to reflect that.

I love that it’s all a little surreal and that gives you the opportunity to really think outside the box with the party games.

If you’re too tired to think outside the box, don’t worry, that work is already done for you with these party game ideas!

Flamingo Croquet

Do you remember that in Alice In Wonderland they play croquet with the Queen and instead of mallets they use living Flamingos?

It’s kind of bizarro, but it does make for a cute party game idea.

The Peaceful Mom made her own Flamingo croquet mallets with just some paint!

Make Your Own Tea Cup

I love a craft as a party game. I think it’s important to have at least the option to do a sit down/be quiet activity at a kids birthday party.

Otherwise, it can get a little out of control. And there’s usually at least one kid who needs a little quiet time.

This Make Your Own Tea Cup craft from Red Ted Art is the perfect solution.

30 Seconds Card Game

You need the right age group for a card game, even a simple one like this 30 Seconds game from You Are In Good Company, but it can be a lot of fun for probably, 5-7 and up.

The cards fit perfectly with the theme of Alice In Wonderland, of course.

And it gives the opportunity for prizes which is always fun at a birthday party.

Find a Key Game

Some type of a Scavenger hunt is great for a kids birthday party. It’s one of those energy spending, running around activities and is smart to do right before the cake.

The Find a Key Game from Celebrate Everyday With Me is a perfect for the Alice In Wonderland theme.

That’s how Alice gets into Wonderland, after all. With a key.

Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth

Photo booths are almost a must have at a birthday party. Depending on the age, they are going to be taking selfies anyway, might as well have some cool props behind them.

You can go way over the top like this Alice In Wonderland Photo Booth backdrop from Kara’s Party Ideas.

Or you can go more low key with just bright colors and some props. But either way, it will be fun!

Tea Cup Water Race

Here’s another great energy spender. You want high energy games because you know they are eating a lot of sugar.

This tea cup water race is perfect if you can do your party outside on a warm day.

I would definitely go for plastic tea cups.

Alice In Wonderland Party Favors

The party favor is a crucial moment of every birthday party. It’s the lasting impression you get to leave and you want it to be, OH COOL! and not, I DON’T WANNA LEAVE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.


Don’t worry, you’ll nail this moment with one of these Alice in Wonderland Party Favors.

To Go Teacup

Have your guests bring a little bit of the party home with them with this “To Go” Teacup from Mickey Made Simple.

It’s even got an Alice themed cupcake inside!

Alice Themed Party Favor Bags

These Alice Themed party favor bags are really adorable. That blue and black color combination is classic.

Fill them up with a couple of trinkets and you’re good to go!

Card Themed Candy Jars

A little candy in a jar is a cute party favor.

Decorate that jar so that it’s perfectly on theme like these Alice themed jars and you are a star!

We’re All Mad Bubbles

Everyone loves bubbles. Big kids, little kids, dogs. Keep the bubbles on theme with cute printable tags.

These We’re All Mad printables are perfect.

Alice Bookmarks

Alice in Wonderland is a book after all, so why not Alice themed bookmarks as your party favor?

You could even give copies of the book if you can find room in the budget for a kids version.

Mad Hatter Headbands

Mad Hatter Hat Headbands. Too perfect. They are a simple DIY that you could even use as a craft for the party.

I love a two for one!

Party the Plan

Are you so excited to get this party started! You should be. It’s such a great party theme.

Do you kind of not feeling DIY’ing, like, everything? No worries. Check out this post on the awesome Alice Wonderland Party Supplies from Etsy.

Now, go pull out your shiny black Mary Janes!