10 Best Kids Birthday Party Themes

Do you need a short list of awesome kids birthday party themes? Is your child’s current list something like, Rocks Party (like Rocks, not ROCK N ROLL!), Tornado and old leather shoe theme party?

I’m here to help you. I mean, I can help you pick a party theme. I can’t help with figuring out why your kid wants an old leather shoe party. Maybe you’re confusing him with the dog?

(I totally understand that, it’s hard work you’re doing, and the kids and the dog gang up on you, don’t they?)

I can definitely help you pick a great party theme. That I promise you. And once you’ve picked it, I’ve got all the best ideas for each theme neatly categorized for you, too.

You love me, don’t you?

10 Super Fun and Amazing Kids Birthday Party Themes

I’ve done my best to pull together an eclectic mix of party themes for you. There’s unicorns, trolls, art. There’s something for everyone on this list. If you can’t find the theme you want in this list…

Well, you just let me know and I’ll make the list 11 Super Fun and Amazing Birthday Party Themes for Your Kid.

Deal? Let’s do this.

Number 1. Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Party Theme

Unicorns are the best!

They are magical, fairy tale creatures that fart rainbows. And sparkles, I think.

Could there be a better birthday party theme for a child with an active imagination and a fantastic sense of humor?

What I love about the Unicorn party theme is the abundance of rainbows, pink and sparkles that you get to put everywhere. In food, on the walls, amongst the games and crafts and in the party favor bags.

I have all of the details you need for food, decor, games and party favors for you in this Unicorn Birthday Party Guide.

Number 2. Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party Theme

Do you have a Minecraft lover at your house? If you do, you are in luck because a Minecraft theme party is one of the easiest to pull off.

Everything in Minecraft land is a square. You can make squares, can’t you?

The food can be made from squares, the decor is made from squares… You’ll look like a party genius and all you’ve done is made squares!

Minecraft makes me a little mental if I’m being honest. The squares and the music take me back to being 6 weeks pregnant and vomiting constantly.

But, I’d still throw my precious son a Minecraft party. In fact I did, many years ago. I only wish I had this Guide to Throwing a Minecraft Birthday Party at that time.

Number 3. Trolls Birthday Party

Trolls Birthday Party Theme

Don’t get mad at me for getting “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” stuck in your head all day. It is not the worst song ever to have stuck in your head.

Is it?

Either way a Trolls party is fantastic theme for almost any age child. The colors are great, there are some really fun characters that are pretty simple to DIY (that cloud guy? He’s awesome).

There’s a second movie coming out in 2020, too, so don’t be surprised if you start hearing about Trolls from your littles!

Check this Guide to Throwing a Trolls Birthday Party for all the details on Food, Decor, Game & Entertainment and Party Favors.

Number 4. Art Birthday Party

Art Birthday Party Theme

I know you’re probably thinking,

No WAY am I having 9 7 year olds at my house to make Art! That will be an UTTER DISASTER!

But it doesn’t have to be. If you prepare for the mess ahead of time, you can totally do this.

There are a lot of advantages to having an Art Party. The “art” that the kids make can totally double as your party favor. If you want, you can even make this a fairly calm party, depending on which activies you choose.

Plus, you’re probably going to only throw one Art Party in your WHOLE LIFE.

And I’ve already found all the best ideas in Food, Decor, Games/Entertainment and Party Favors for you in this post on How To Plan an Art Party.

Number 5. Lego Birthday Party

Lego Birthday Party Theme

Legos are the cockroaches of the toy world.

Let me rephrase that. Legos have been entertaining kids for decades and will be for many more and will probably be left hiding in carpet long after there are no more feet around to step on them. Just like cockroaches.

Oof, that was not really any better, was it?

Kids love Legos. A Lego Birthday Party is very likely to be requested by most kids at some point in their childhood. And lucky for you, it’s a fairly easy theme to achieve.

I’ve got all the detail on Food, Decor, Games & Entertainment and Party Favors in this Guide to Throwing a Lego Birthday Party.

Number 6. Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid Birthday Party Theme

If your child is into The Little Mermaid, then why not throw a Mermaid Birthday Party? It’s a really pretty theme to decorate for and the food is a ton of fun, too.

It’s all blues and greens and seashell looking food. And beachy waves in the kids hair.

Ok, not the hair. Don’t make kids show up with “beachy waves” just to fit your theme, ok?

If this is the party for you and your little, check out all of the details for food, decor, games & entertainment in this Guide to Throwing a Mermaid Birthday Party.

Number 7. Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Party Theme

My kids haven’t read Harry Potter (I know, blasphemy!) so I haven’t had the joy of throwing a Harry Potter party myself, but I may have to force them to read it and fall in love just so that I can do the party.

Part of what I love about the Harry Potter theme is that it isn’t all Rainbows and Sugar. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But the challenge of getting a Harry Potter theme just right is exciting! The food is probably my favorite of all the themes here and the decor is really going to be different.

And don’t you worry, I have all the food, decor, games & entertainment you need for your Harry Potter Party in this guide.

Number 8. Sleepover Party

sleepover birthday party theme

A sleepover party might be something you’ve already told yourself that you are never going to have for your child. Because you remember what they were like when you were a child.

There was shrill screaming, crying, vomiting. It’s like an off campus college party except there isn’t even alcohol.

But, I bet you also remember the sleepover party as one of your favorites. They are extremely memorable. You talk about crushes and makeup.

Boys probably do memorable boy things but I have no idea what exactly those things might be.

It probably involves lighting farts on fire.

So consider this one, ok? It’s one night. It might be a long night and a long morning, but your child will remember it forever.

Find all of the details on Sleepover party food, decor, games and favors in this Sleepover Party Guide.

Number 9. Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate Birthday Party Theme

Pirates and kids baffle me, to be honest. They are wicked thieves who drink rum, terrorize the ocean and make people walk off planks.

Into the mouths of crocodiles.

But thanks to Peter Pan and Captain Jack Sparrow, A Pirate Party is a theme your kids will love.

Similar to Harry Potter it’s a lot of fun to decorate because it’s a very specific look at a Pirate party. It’s like the Mermaid theme, except a litte gross. Like, just a touch of gross.

Check out all of the Pirate food, decor, games and favors in this Guide to Throwing a Pirate Birthday Party.

Number 10. Dinosaur Birthday Party

Do you remember when Jurassic Park reinvigorated the love every child has for Dinosaurs? The thing with dinosaurs is that they are sort of like a Fairy Tale that actually once existed.

Giant creatures that roamed the earth. They are awe-inspiring and imagination igniters for little kids.

They can’t quite fathom them, but they know they were real.

It’s a perfect recipe for a party theme. The Dinosaur party theme has some of the best games, too. Loads of laughter will happen at this party.

Find all your Dinosaur food, decor, games and favors in this post about planning a Dinosaur Birthday party.

Party With a Plan!

Did you pick one? I hope so. I also hope you hop over to the accompanying guides and get all your ideas from there.

I’m all about planning a party without losing your mind and I want you to be, too! Nothings worse than a frazzled, stressed out host screeching about what game is to be played next. Don’t be Screechy.

Follow a plan, be loose and have fun!

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