Dino-Mite Dinosaur Party Supplies

Every kid should have a dinosaur party at least once in their childhood. If you missed out on this, don’t worry, you could relive it with your kids. You’re going to need awesome Dinosaur Party Supplies, though.

My favorite place for buying party supplies is Etsy. They always have unique, handmade things that make the party extra special.

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Dinosaur Party Supplies For the Food Table

The food at a party should do double duty. It should be, well, food for eating, naturally.

But it’s also part of your decor if you display it right. Check out these awesome dinosaur party themed food table items and see what I mean.

Dinosaur Chocolate Pops

Dinosaur party supplies: chocolate lollipops

Mm, chocolate is, just yum. Kids love it and parents will try to steal these dino pops, too, so keep an eye on them.

I love a lollipop for the food table because you can be very crafty with them to make them part of the decor. Grab a glass vase and stick some floral craft foam in the vase and then stick the lollipops in the foam in a cute design.

It sort of becomes a centerpiece!

Dinosaur Party Food Tents

One of the simplest ways you can make your party food on theme is by adding cute little food tents.

Carnivore nuggets sound like a lot more fun than plain old chicken nuggets, right?

These are a quick and easy downloadable item that will look so cute at your Dinosaur party.

Dinosaur Cupcake Toppers

dinosaur cupcake toppers

You can totally get away with inexpensive and simple store bought cupcakes if you have some cute cupcake toppers like these.

OR, you can make your own homemade cupcakes and not worry about how to decorate them perfectly with dinosaurs.

This a great option if you have allergies to think about and prefer to make your own food. Or if you’ve just got a killer cupcake recipe but no decorating skills.

Dinosaur Cake Decor

dinosaur cake decorations

This cake topper set for a dinosaur theme party is really, really fun. I love how it’s a whole dinosaur scene.

This is great on a sheet cake as it’s pictured, but it would also work on a round cake, too.

It’s another great option if you just want to grab a cake from the grocery store and still look like you put in ALL the effort.

Dinosaur Treat Cups

dinosaur party supplies: treat cups

You are probably going to have chips or pretzels or whatever at your party.

That’s awesome.

Here’s what’s not awesome about that. Sharing a pretzel bowl with 5 year olds. Instead of doing that, get these cute treat cups and everyone gets their own individual treats!

Dinosaur Party Supplies for Decor

The decor is what really puts the party over the top and makes it super memorable. That’s why I love Etsy for party supplies. They always have something a little different.

There are single items to purchase, or an entire party in a box if you want things really super simple.

Dinosaur Party Decor Kit

dinosaur party supplies

Etsy is so awesome because you can, if you want, just get the whole party in one box.

This kit has your balloons, garland, banner…

And it all coordinates perfectly so the party will look totally amazing.

Dinosaur Garland

dinosaur party banner

I picked this garland because I love a garland over the food table or in a photo backdrop.

But, what is also great about this garland is that when the party is over, you can hang it in your child’s room. If they love dinosaurs enough to want to have a dinosaur party, then they’ll love to see this hanging in their room.

I love a party supply you can use again and again.

Dinosaur Balloon Printables

dinosaur balloons

Balloons are a great party supply because they are inexpensive and easy to do. They also take up a lot of visual space and are great hanging from the ceiling.

These little printable dinosaur cut outs take your balloons to the next level. These are two adorable to pass up.

Another bonus, you don’t need helium. You can fill these with good old air and hang them from the ceiling.

Dinosaur Welcome Sign

dinosaur party welcome sign

Start the party right with a Welcome sign. You don’t see this very often, but it’s a great way to welcome your guests and set the tone of the party.

I love the colors and the playful look of this dino-mite party sign. It’s perfect for a young child. I can definitely see it at a 1st birthday.

Jackson is going to have an awesome party.

Giant Dinosaur Balloon

giant dinosaur

Do we even really need to discuss this GIANT dinosaur balloon? You need it, right?

I mean, if you have the means to buy one party supply for the dinosaur party, it should be this giant dinosaur.

Your kid will think you are the best mom ever. Like, ever.

Dinosaur Party Supplies: Games & Entertainment

Oh, you do want your party to be fun, right? Not just 12 5 year olds running willy nilly through the house, right?

Then you’re going to need some games and entertainment. At least a couple to corral some of that sugar rush energy.

Pin the Tail on the Dino Printable

pin the tail on the dinosaur

Pin the Tail on the Dinosaur is a great themed-up play on pin the tail on the donkey. Kids love any games that involve a blindfold.

This does double duty as decor, too, since you can have it hanging on the wall and it looks adorable and should fit right in with all of the other decorations.

Dinosaur Theme Activity Sheets

dinosaur activity sheets

I always suggest having some sit down activities at a kids party.

They are going to have a sugar crash at some point and a little sitting being focused time will be good. And there’s always at least one kid who just wants to sit and color anyway, isn’t there?

These printable activity sheets are perfect. They’re easy, inexpensive and adorable.

Dinosaur Excavation Kit

dinosaur excavation kit for party

One of the most fun things about dinosaurs is that you can pretend to be an archaeologist looking for dinosaur bones!

But where do you get dinosaur bones? Well, Etsy of course!

This kit comes with everything but the sand. You could also do rice is you want something just a smidge less messy than sand.

Dinosaur Party Photo Booth

dinosaur photo booth

Yes you want to have a cute little photo booth at this dinosaur party. This is where you capture the memories!

At least some of them. I love this idea of a little cardboard cut out for taking pictures.

This would be adorable for thank you notes, too! Include a cute picture with the birthday boy or a girl and a thank you message.

Dress Up Dino Tails

dinosaur dress up

Dress up and pretend play are so much fun for little ones! These dinosaur tails are really cute.

They’ll love stomping and roaring all through the party. Kids that are old enough can make up games or skits as dinosaurs.

These dino tails can live in your dress up box after the party, too!

Dinosaur Party Supplies: Favors!

The party favors aren’t the MOST important part of the party, but they can be the difference between a great ending to a great party and a terrible ending to a terrible party.

You NEED the kids to leave happy not screaming in their parents arms that they “DON’T WANNA GO HOME!!!!!!!”

Cancel the screaming kids with an awesome party favor.

Dinosaur Eggs

dinosaur egg favor

I’m always a fan of a party favor that brings a little bit of the party home. Here’s what I mean.

If you give these little eggs as party favors, then little Billy knows that when he goes home, he gets to have more fun.

That means that when it comes time to leave the party, it will be a nice simple transition. Not a tearful, screaming, dragging the children out the door kind of goodbye.

Dinosaur Party Favor Bags

dinosaur treat bag

Here’s the question. If you give these cute little personalized treat bags that have a thank you on them, do you still have to send a thank you note?

I say, yeah, you still have to send you a thank you note. Here’s an easy and fun way to do thank you notes though!

Either way, these little favor bags will be a hit filled with some little trinkets and maybe a piece of candy or two.

Dinosaur Shaped Crayons

dinosaur crayons

Here’s another fun and useful party favor. Crayons in the shape of dinosaurs!

These are adorable and I love them for kids who otherwise might not be that into coloring. This is something that might motivate them to sit down and color for a few minutes.

You could do the crayons with a couple of coloring pages for the kids to bring the party home.

Dinosaur Dress Up Masks

dinosaur masks

These masks can be used during the party for dress up fun and then the kids get to take them home as their favor at the end of the party.

Every time the kids play with the masks, they’ll remember the awesome dinosaur party they got the mask at!

Dinosaur Theme Cups

dinosaur cups

I love when my kids get something really useful as a party favor. I never have enough of these cups with lids. Or I have enough cups but not enough lids. Or lids and no cups.

The parents will be so happy to see this coming home with their child. You can add a few pieces of candy to the cup, too. But they are fine just as they are.

Party The Plan

You ready to point and click and get the party going?

Of course, if you’re more of a do it yourself-er than a point, click and buy-er when it comes to your dinosaur party supplies, then you should check out this post with 24 Dinosaur Party Ideas that you can make yourself.

Or maybe a little of both. Buy a bunch and maybe make one or two special DIY’s?

No matter what, you’re going to have an AWESOME party.