24 Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas for a ROARing Good Time


Um, I have to be honest, I’m not a dinosaur person. But, I know most 4 year old boys and girls, ARE dinosaur people.

Which means that Dinosaur Birthday Party ideas need to be gathered.

And that’s why you’re here. I’m guessing you’re not really a “dinosaur” person, either. And you probably don’t want to look all over the internet for the best dinosaur party ideas.

I did that arduous work for you and have collected all the best dinosaur party food, decor, games and party favors. Just for you. And your dinosaur loving child.

Plan the Ultimate dinosaur Birthday Party

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Food

The good news is most Dinosaur party food is just like every party food, just dino-fied.

Party food is always the best when it’s familiar and then jazzed up. Made on theme. Dino-fied.

And there are lots of fun ways to play on the dinosaur theme. Fossils. Herbivores vs Carnivores. Dinosaur eggs.

Ok, that one sounds gross, but it’s not. Check them out.

Dinosaur Eggs from Pineapple Paper Co.

This doesn’t sound appetizing at all, but don’t worry, they are actually made from Rice Krispie Treats.

These Dinosaur Eggs from Pineapple Paper Co. aren’t just cute and delish. They are also filled with a surprise!

Why can’t more foods be filled with surprises? Maybe if there were M&M’s inside of Brussel Sprouts my kids would eat them.

(Ok, I just threw up in my mouth a little at the idea of chocolate inside of brussel sprouts. Sorry.)

Dinosaur Balls from Babyology

How about some Dinosaur Balls at your party buffet?

I didn’t name them, don’t blame me for spitting your coffee all over the desk.

Alright, I did name them. These meatballs from Babyology are actually just labeled as “Carnivores”.

But Dinosaur Balls is way funnier.

The point here is that a clever tag can go a long way in Dino-fying your party food, ok?

Easy Dinosaur Cake from Made to Be a Momma

I’m normally a cupcake girl when it comes to birthday party desserts, but I love the idea of doing a really easy but still impressive Dinosaur themed cake.

If you want to cheat a little, you could buy a plain white store bought cake and just decorate it like Made to Be a Momma did with a Dino theme.

No one will know. Probably. Unless they are like,

Wait, this cake isn’t half bad! You didn’t make this, did you??

some jerk at your party

Dinosaur Snack Mix from Make Life Lovely

A good snack mix is always a sign of a good party. And the good news is, they aren’t as difficult to make as they were in the 70’s.

This Dinosaur Snack Mix from Make Life Lovely is… well… LOVELY!

I confess I have a problem with gummies. And popcorn. The problem is when I start eating them, I cannot stop.

So you better hide that bowl from me when I come over.

Dinosaur Watermelon from Not Your Normal Steam

Let’s be good party throwers and actually offer something healthy to these children, ok?

Right after they polish off the sugary snack mix and Dino-balls.

This Dinosaur themed Watermelon fruit bowl extravaganza from Not Your Normal Steam is pretty awesome.

Maybe awesome enough to get kids to eat fruit before candy.

Dinosaur Egg Nests from The Crazy Kitchen

Awesome, more candy!

It’s fine, we don’t have birthday parties every day. Unless you’re that family from TLC with 20 something kids. Plus all the grandkids. They might have birthdays close to every day.

If you’re not them, you should totally make these Dinosaur Egg Nests from The Crazy Kitchen.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Decorations

No matter what the theme, I always enjoy the decorations and Dinosaurs are no different.

Lush greens and dramatic backdrops. And dinosaurs.

I mean, they are impressive creatures after all. Perfect for delighting your guests.

Geometric Dinosaur Decor from Merriment Design

This is art. I would keep this Geometric Dinosaur Decor from Merriment Design up all year. Maybe in my kid’s room. But maybe right over the fireplace.

I mean, it’s that awesome.

You’re going to want to click over and see the volcano she made, too.


Balloon Decor from Kara B Spurlock

Balloons are the party planners best friend.

  • They are cheap
  • They fill a lot of space
  • They are super decorative.

This balloon arrangement from Kara B Spurlock looks just like giant Dinosaur…


Dinosaur Backdrop from American Greetings

Every party needs to have a great backdrop for taking selfies.

It might be a sign of the apocolypse, but the kids sure do love it!

This one from American Greetings is easy enough to replicate. Provided you have some 1/10 scale Dinosaur blow ups around.

Fern Frond Tablescape from Ice Cream off Paper Plates

If you want to have a classy Dinosaur birthday party, then you should decorate your table with these Fern Fronds from Ice Cream Off Paper Plates.

I don’t know how classy Dinosaur’s were, but if they decorated their tables with greenery like this, then they might have been pretty classy.

I love that she took the time to cut a bite into the paper plates. That’s a pro right there.

Dino-Balloons from Brit.co

More ballons? Oh, yeah. More balloons.

How could you pass by these Dinosaur Balloons from Brit.co? They are too cute to ignore.

And no fancy cutting equipment (looking at you Cricut), just old fashioned scissors. You can make those.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Games & Entertainment

It’s not going to be hard to entertain your little guests at your Dinosaur party. There are lots of ways to have fun like a dinosaur.

With party games and entertainment, I like to make sure to offer a few high energy options and maybe one or two low energy options.

Feel out the kids when it comes to what games to offer when. Do they need to burn some sugar? High energy game. Are they crashing from the sugar? Low energy craft.

Do not create a game schedule and feel you have to stick to a game schedule. Go with the flow of the Dinosaur party.

T-Rex Game from Get Your Holiday On

Laughter is important at parties. Pee in your pants laughter is the best and worst kind of laughter all in one.

And that’s what you’ll get with this T-Rex Game from Get Your Holiday On.

Try it. Don’t forget the Depends!

Dino Footprint Hop from Raising Dragons

Technically it’s supposed to be “monster” footprints, but Dinosaur’s are practically monsters, right?

This game from Raising Dragons is a great way to burn off some of that sugar energy. The kids are hopping like monsters and practicing gross motor skills!

You really are mom of the year, you kow.

Ice Age Dinosaurs from Mama Guru

Get yourself some teeny tiny dinosaurs for this fun game from Mama Guru.

The baby dinosaurs are stuck in ice and the kids have to free them.

I saw one example of this game where the kids were using hammers. I don’t think that’s the best option.

Maybe breathe heavy on them until they are free? Or anything less painful than smashing little thumbs with regular hammers. I leave it in your hands.

Feed The T-Rex from This Pilgrim Life

Now we’re talking. This Feed the T-Rex game from This Pilgrim Life is basically vertical corn hole.

Which, now that I think about it is probably way harder than regular corn hole.

When the kids all go take their naps, the adults can lay this on the ground and play it the right way, ok?

JK! We all know kids never take naps on a party day. They just have a proper melt down at the end of the party and then slump over in their car seat on the way home.

Dino Dig from Parties with a Cause

You most definitely need to have a Dino dig like this one from Parties with a Cause at your Dinosaur Birthday party.

The kids will be totally crazy for this.

If you don’t have a spot for a giant sandpit, fill up a plastic kiddie pool with sand and toss some bones in it.

Or plastic dinosaurs if you don’t have any bones on hand.

Dinosaur Hunt from Play Party Plan

Scavenger Hunts are a great activity at a Birthday party. This Dino Themed Hunt from Play Party Plan comes with a free printable for your convenience.

Kids love to feel like they are going off on a mission. It’s a great little make believable exercise for their brains.

And it’s probably going to give you 10 minutes to sip your wine while they look for that one Dinosaur you hid really, really well.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Favors

I did not have the faintest idea how many options I would find for Dinosaur themed party favors until I started to do my research.

There are lots of great options and these are my favorites.

I like party favors that are memorable and useful. You will only probably throw ONE Dinosaur birthday in your whole life. End it right with a good party favor.

DIY Dino Bones from Kitchen Floor Crafts

Remember a couple of minutes ago when we were talking about the Dino Dig and we laughed because I said to throw bones in the sand, as if you have bones lying around the house?

Well guess what? You can MAKE Dino Bones with this tutorial from Kitchen Floor Crafts.

Throw them in your sandpit and the kids get to keep whatever they dig up as their party favor.

Boom done.

Dinosaur Bucket from Leap of Faith Crafting

I L-O-V-E a beach bucket filled with party theme related stuff as a party favor like this one from Leap of Faith Crafting.

Why, you ask?

Because I never have enough beach buckets available when I want to take the kids to the beach. So an extra is always appreciated!

Adopt a Dinosaur from Hostess with the Mostess

This “Adopt A…” idea from Hostess with the Mostess is fantastic for almost any type of party. The idea is you have a bucket full of, in this case, dinosaurs, and the kids “adopt” one and that becomes their party favor.

It’s a little more special than just sticking a plastic dinosaur in a goody bag and kicking the kids out the door.

Although, I can understand how that happens, too. These parties are no joke.

Dinosaur Eggs from Make Life Lovely

These Dinosaur Eggs from Make Life Lovely are a great party favor.

They are filled with a special surprise that the guests can break open when they get home. That’s super fun.

They are in an adorable packaging. That’s super fun.

They are NOT sugary candy. That’s not super fun, but it does make the other parents happy.

Dinosaur Excavation Kits from Darice

This is sort of an elaborate party favor, but it’s super thoughtful and a great favor for a smaller party.

Darice has put together Dinosaur Excavation Kits to bring the party fun home.

It’s a smidge messy for the kids when they get it home, but who cares, you aren’t cleaning that up!

Little Explorer Tools from Inspired By Family Mag

Here’s another great party favor that will let the guests continue the messy fun at home. At their own home. NOT YOURS!

These Explorer Tools from Inspired by Family Mag are great because they are actual kitchen tools and paint brushes, so they should last.

Party With a Plan

I think by now I’ve come around on the old Dinosaur and maybe I am a Dinosaur person after all.

Or at least a Dinosaur party person.

What about you? Do you feel ready? Have you got your choices picked? Go get started then and remember, go with the dinosaur flow!

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24 Ultimate Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas