24 Bewitched Harry Potter Party Ideas for Your Wizard

Harry Potter is to my children’s generation what Harry Potter is to my own generation. Kidding, Harry was a twinkle in J.K.’s eye when I was a kid.

But it does feel like Harry Potter has always been around, doesn’t it? I can’t really think of another book series that has quite reached HP levels of fandom.

Lord of the Rings, I suppose? But still, not quite there, right?

It only makes sense that kids want a Harry Potter Party then. And because there is such an enormous amount of material it feels a little daunting to even think about throwing a Harry Potter Party.

I have you covered with the best Harry Potter party ideas, broken down into 4 easy categories so that you can plan this party, stress free.

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Harry Potter Party Food

Food plays a pretty big role in Harry Potter. Those dining room scenes are what always come to mind for me first when I think of the movies.

And food will play a big role at your Harry Potter party, too. It will really start to set the mood and the kids will feel like they are really at Hogwarts when they see the themed food table you’ve pulled together.

Some of the ideas here are not super simple, I can freely admit that. But, in this case, for a Harry Potter themed party, I’m ok with it. You’re not probably ever going to do this again. Might as well do it all the way, right?

Harry Potter Howlers from Food & Wine

The expression on these little “Howler” pastries from Food & Wine could not be better. The angle of the little seed eyes? It’s all just perfect.

And simple, too! Those are egg rolls filled with a pumpkin mascarpone filling. You can do that. I’m pretty sure even I could do that.

Plus these are hand held. No plate, knife or fork needed.

That’s some pretty perfect party food right there.

Huffle Puffs from Mom Always Finds Out

Sometimes party food is all about the printable.

Put out a bowl of cheese puffs at your party and people go, “Cool, cheese puffs”.

Put out a bowl of cheese puffs PLUS this cute little printable Huffle Puffs sign from Mom Always Finds Out and suddenly people are all,

Oh, my God! How do you think of these things? When do you have TIME for all of these amazing little details?

But, more importantly your kid will be totally thrilled with the level of thought you’ve put into his party. Maybe not consciously, but somewhere, it’s registering with the kids.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake from Instructables

While I do love cupcakes for parties, even I have to admit that this Harry Potter Birthday Cake from Instructables is a must for a Harry Potter themed birthday party.

I love how simple it is. I can 100% make a cake that comes out looking like that.

But it’s also perfectly on theme because it totally matches the one from the movie.

This is the type of thing that when you bring it out, the other kids are going to get that little spark in their eye and go “OH! It’s the CAKE FROM THE MOVIE!”. This is the type of thing that is exciting and memorable for kids.

Mandrake Cupcakes from Princess Charles

I told you I prefer cupcakes for parties. They are just a million times easier. No cake cutting, no plates, no forks, no knives.

And when they are as cute as these Mandrake Cupcakes From Princess Charles complete with custom cupcake liner, you cannot go wrong.

Are these easy? I would say they are probably easy, yet time consuming.

Are they worth the effort? Of course. It’s a party. You don’t do this every day. If you’re ever going to spend a little extra effort it should be for days like this.

Butter Beer from My Name is Snickerdoodle

You know you’re going to have to serve butter beer at your Harry Potter party, right? It’s a Harry Potter staple.

This recipe for butter beer from My Name is Snickerdoodle is incredibly simple. The beer itself is just two ingredients. Who knew?

If you don’t have time to make homemade whipped topping, just grab a can of Ready Whip.

I won’t tell.

Easy Harry Potter Broomsticks from Perfection Pending

You’ve put in some serious effort on the food. Give yourself a little break and make these cute Harry Potter Broomsticks from Perfection Pending.

They are totally adorable. It’s a genius who can think of these things, I swear.

On top of adorable, they couldn’t be any easier. Well, yes they could. The pretzels here are dipped in chocolate.

I would totally skip that step and just use a plain pretzel.


If you’d rather buy than DIY for this party (totally fine!) check out these adorable Harry Potter Themed Food Printables from Etsy:

Harry Potter Food Printables for your Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Party Decor Ideas

The settings in Harry Potter are magical. The goal with your Harry Potter party decor is to get the feel of those magical settings.

Some of this can be achieved with simply turning the lights down a bit and adding a few flameless flickering candles.

But most of it is going to come together from the decor you select. Large scale works best for parties, things that take up a LOT of space.

Harry Potter Banner from Paper Trail Designs

Here are all of the things I love about this Harry Potter Banner from Paper Trail designs:

  1. It’s free
  2. It’s super adorably Harry Potter Themed
  3. It takes basically zero work

This will be perfect hanging above your food table or anywhere else you decide to put it.

You will not fail with this one, okay?

Harry Potter Floating Candles from  AP Bought

Choose these Harry Potter floating candles from AP Bought to really set the scene for your kids Harry Potter party.

There’s a great tutorial in the post and they’re not nearly as hard as they look.

I see these at a older kids nighttime party. This is the type of decoration that people will talk about later.

Hedwig Balloons from Me and Mine

These Hedwig Balloons from Me and Mine are definitely a must for your Harry Potter party.

If it’s for younger child’s party these are perfect because they’re not scary they’re just adorable.

And I know what you’re thinking. They look difficult to draw. Don’t worry, you can do this.

It’s just sharpies after all.

 Platform 9 and 3/4 from Catch My Party

One of the first and most magical moments in Harry Potter is when Harry makes it on to platform 9 and ¾

You can replicate that moment at your party with this DIY Platform 9 and ¾ from Catch My Party.

You know this is the thing the kids will go home talking about.

 Harry Potter Wanted Posters from Wild and Grizzly

The best party decorations are large scale so you can cover a large area and have a big impact with a small budget.

These Wanted Posters from Wild and Grizzly are perfect for that.

Use them as a photo back drop and the kids will love posing in front of them or hang them behind your food table.

 Sorting Hat from Little Furious

I love this Sorting Hat from Little Furious. It’s made out of Paper bags.

She’s got a great tutorial that you can follow.

This is perfect for your food table or presents table. Or just anywhere you need a little extra something.

 Decorate Your Mirror Harry Potter Style from XO Katie Rosario

If you have red lipstick you can do this.

This mirror idea from XO Katie Rosario is perfect.

You’re just scribbling on your bathroom mirror, but it’s fun and unexpected.

I love the idea of a of a decoration in the bathroom because most everyone is going to be in there and that’s the last place they’ll expect to see your Harry Potter décor.

Etsy Bonus Idea!

If you need one more thing for your Harry Potter Party, check out this banner from Etsy:

Harry Potter Happy Birthday Banner for your Harry Potter Party!

Harry Potter Party Games & Entertainment

Maybe the kids will show up and just immediately start a game of make believe Harry Potter. But you know that will eventually devolve into a fight that goes something like this:

I want to be Harry now! You’ve been Harry for HOURS!

When that sentence is released in a whiny screech, it’s time to save the day with some Harry Potter inspired party games and entertainment.

Table Quidditch from Farm to Fete

This one is going to require some DIY skills, but they are pretty minor and totally worth it.

Table Quidditch from Farm to Fete is going to be so fun for this Harry Potter Birthday Party, but it’s totally something that can be played anytime.

And before you get alarmed, there’s no need to add alcohol to this Quidditch Pong. It’s still fun either way.

I like the little ping pong bowl DIY’ed into a Snitch.

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt from More Than Thursdays

I think a scavenger hunt for a birthday party is a fantastic idea. If you can do this outside, even better because keep in mind it means that there will be children touching everything in your house if you do it inside.

This Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt from More Than Thursdays is planned so well. It should work for pretty much any location if you do a little planning ahead of time.

The kids will LOVE this and it should occupy them for a good period of time. So you can sit down and talk to adults perhaps for 15 minutes.

Devil’s Snare from Jonesing To Create

I love a good minute to win it game and this Harry Potter themed one is great.

Devil’s Snare from Jonesing to Create is a basic premise. Grab a roll of toilet paper and in 60 seconds, wrap your partner up in it completely.

Check out the post if you want more of these Minute to Win It style games. The are TONS of fun.

Harry Potter Decoder from Rock Your Homeschool

I think it’s important to have an activity that allows the kids to sit down and chill at a birthday, even if it’s just for a little bit.

And even if not every kid is able to contain themselves to sit for a little. There will be at least a couple of kids that will enjoy a break from the mayhem.

This Harry Potter Decoder activity from Rock Your Homeschool will do just that.

Harry Potter Photo Booth from One Sweet Appetite

Every good party has a photo booth now. This DIY Harry Potter Photo Booth from One Sweet Appetite is perfect.

It’s inexpensive, with free printables and yet it still has a great impact.

Parties are about memories and the photo booth is definitely a place you’re going to be recording plenty of those.

Bonus Etsy Idea!

Harry Potter Birthday Party T Shirt from Etsy

Be part of the decor in this adorable Harry Potter Birthday Party Tshirt from Etsy!

Harry Potter Themed Party Favors

The party favor is a crucial part of every party. Let me repeat that for emphasis.

The party favor is a crucial part of every party.

You are literally giving the children something to remember the party by. Do you want that to be a bunch of cheap plastic toys in a plastic bag they could suffocate themselves with?

I didn’t think so.

Instead with the party favor you want to go with something that is both on theme and preferably something that is useful. But if it’s a candy bar wrapped in a themed wrapper you got as a free printable, that works, too.

Cute candy is kind of unforgettable, in my opinion.

Harry Potter Pillow Boxes from Crafting Cheerfully

I don’t think there’s a better way to give out some Bertie Bott’s Beans than in these Harry Potter Pillow Boxes from Crafting Cheerfully.

I love the cute, poppy graphic characters on the free printable that you can download. This is definitely something that is a keepsake as well as being useful as a little container for your beans.

And of course they are filled with the very Potter-y Bertie Bott’s Flavour Jelly Beans. Kids will love them, parents will be in awe of your Party Favor Skills.

You win the day.

Harry Potter Slime from Megan Gets Real

Every kid loves slime. I don’t get it. I just.don’t.get.it.

You can make this Harry Potter slime from Megan Gets Real and it is a winner for a party favor. It definitely is.

The kids will… play?… with it for hours. (How do you even play with slime??)

The parents will remember you forever as they scrape it out of the crevices of the back seat of their cars for the rest of the cars life.

Harry Potter Magic Wands from House of Little Tomato

Ok, these wands from House of Little Tomato are a fantastic party favor.


  1. They are perfectly on theme
  2. They inspire creative play
  3. They are DIY, so while you could make them ahead of time, they are also a potential form of Harry Potter Party entertainment.

A two-fer. My favorite.

Etsy Bonus Idea!

Harry Potter Goody Bags

Etsy has these ADORABLE Harry Potter goody bags if you need them.

Harry Potter Bookmarks from Not Quite Susie Homemaker

Harry Potter is a book, isn’t it? So a bookmark is kind of a genius party favor.

This free printable bookmark from Not Quite Susie Homemaker are really great. I liked them at first glance because they are cute.

But then I put on my glasses and read what they actually say and now I love them. The quotes she’s chosen are wonderful.

Chocolate Bar Wrapper from More Than Thursdays

I told you I can’t resist a chocolate bar wrapped in an awesome free printable.

This Harry Potter themed wrapped from More than Thursdays is just perfect.

I love it because it’s giving the candy bar a purpose:

In case of Dementor attack…

Love that. I sort of imagine these in a little Harry Potter survival kit.

Golden Snitches from Party Delights

These Golden Snitches from Party Delights are going to be a pre-requisite for any Harry Potter party.

It’s remarkable how much they actually resemble a Golden Snitch AND this is done with a free printable wing template!

Plus it involves Ferrero Rocher candy. Which means you get to eat Ferrero Rocher candy.

Make extra, okay?

Party with A Plan!

You feel ready? You’ve chosen 3-4 of these magical Harry Potter Party Ideas and you’re ready to knock them out.

Remember, it’s 4 things here, basically, for the party. The food, you got it. The decor. On it. The entertainment, no problem. And the favors? You only even need to pick ONE of those, so you got this.

Your kid is going to love this party.

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