The Ultimate Lego Birthday Party

I feel like Legos are a carryover from a bygone era. I played with them when I was a kid. My mother… wait, nope, she didn’t play with Legos.

She says she had 1 doll when she was a child and that was her only toy. It’s either a true story born of a poor, immigrant Irish Catholic upbringing with 7 brothers and sisters…


It’s an embellished story born of traditional Irish Catholic guilt.

Either way, Legos have been a favorite of children since 1932 and that is really remarkable. When you think about the myriad of ways the world and toys have changed in 87 years, the fact that Legos are still torturing the feet of barefoot Dads everywhere is worthy of a celebration.

So let’s do right by Lego. I’ve found the best options for a Lego Birthday Party that the internet has to offer. You go through and pick what you like from these Lego party ideas and throw a masterful Lego party.

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Lego birthday Party Food & Drink

Food and drink are an integral part of every good party. For a kids Lego party, food that is on theme is going to be nearly as important as food that tastes delicious.

Luckily Lego themed food is mostly pretty easy to achieve because Legos are rectangles with circles on them (not unlike the simple food you can make for a Minecraft Themed Party!). And rectangles and circles are very easy to make out of nearly any material.

Take a look through these Lego treats and pick two or three to offer your guests. Pick the easiest, pick the most difficult. It doesn’t really matter, any of these choices are going to be a hit for a Lego birthday party.

Lego Themed Pizza from Heavenly Homemakers

Pizza is a staple for children’s birthday parties. Almost every child will eat pizza.

I say almost because I didn’t like pizza when I was a child. I know, blasphemy. I didn’t like ice cream either. THE HORROR!

But generally, you can’t go wrong with pizza. And for a Lego birthday party, you just have to get one of those rectangle pizzas and slap some pepperonis in a row as we see here from Heavenly Homemakers.

It really doesn’t get a whole lot easier than that. I’m trying to think of something easier. But, no, it doesn’t exist.

Simple Lego Brownies from Desert Chica

These Lego brownies from Desert Chica are in the same family as the pizza above. Take something that is a rectangular shape and slap something round on top in a row. Instant Lego-like food.

The colorful Lego inspired frosting is perfect and everything is better with some chocolate candies on top, right?

Don’t be afraid to use store bought brownies on this dessert treat. You cannot do it all and you have to pick your party battles. Frosting and adding candy is homemade-ish in my book anyway.

Lego Themed Water Bottles from Frog Goose and Bear

I will 99.9% of the time recommend water as the drink of choice for any children’s birthday party. I recommend it for your own sanity. Why?

  • No sugar, which, I know we’re eating brownies topped in icing topped with candy, what’s the point? I don’t know, to show you made an effort to not put children into a sugar coma, I suppose.
  • No red dye. Or blue dye or any other dye that will stain clothing, floors, counters and any other surface you don’t want stained.

So, it’s water for the win at a kids birthday.

But don’t let it be boring water!

Grab these Lego Themed Water Bottle Labels from Frog Goose and Bear.

Lego Head Marshmallow Pops from Bren Did

The Lego Head is iconic. It’s a must have for your Lego themed birthday party.

These Lego Head Marshmallow Pops from Bren Did are the perfect way to celebrate that oddly shaped yellow head that we all know and love.

Have fun with the facial expressions if you choose to go with these pops. Look to your favorite emojis if you need some inspiration.

Lego Rice Krispie Treats from the Stay At Home Chef

Do you remember the commercial where the woman makes Rice Krispie Treats and makes believe they are super difficult to make by throwing flour all over herself and the kitchen thereby making her family think she is truly a magical mother for all of her hard work?

Well guess what, Rice Krispies are actually a pain in the butt to make but you don’t even have to make them anymore!

By some premade Rice Krispie treats at the grocery store and follow the Stay at Home Chef’s lead with these Lego inspired colors and candies.

Lego Cupcakes from Cooking with Karli

Here’s the weirdly adorable Lego head again! This time it’s on top of Lego cupcakes from Cooking with Karli.

I’m a huge fan of cupcakes instead of cake for children’s birthday parties.

They require zero knives for cutting and they are already individually portioned.

Lego birthday Party Decorations

Whether you are hosting your birthday party at your house or at an offsite party facility, party decorations can’t be skipped.

They also don’t need to be difficult or super expensive, though.

A few well thought out Lego themed decorations are going to go a very long way.

And they give your guests something to talk about in those awkward opening 15 minutes before the sugar kicks in and everyone is busy making sure children don’t destroy things.

Giant Legos from Schoolhouse Ronk

I love these Giant Legos from Schoolhouse Ronk.

I love that they are large scale (they are just furniture covered to look like Legos) and I love that this looks SO impressive, but in fact is very inexpensive and also very easy to achieve.

That’s just plastic table cloths and paper plates. You never thought of that, did you? Plastic table cloths and paper plates are incredibly versatile for party decor.

Lego Backdrop from Catch My Party

You’re going to have a table somewhere that has food on it. That table is the perfect opportunity for awesome Lego party decor.

This backdrop from Catch My Party is perfect. It’s large scale, colorful and simple to do.

Those are those trusty paper plates again. Pretty nifty.

Lego Cups from MKHKKH

Little details go over REALLY big at birthday parties. These Lego themed cups from MKHKKH are just the type of little detail that your party goers will remember.

So maybe some of those faces require some artistic ability, but not all of them. You can definitely do some of these easier faces.

Grab your black Sharpie and see what you can do.

Lego Wall Decor from Kara’s Party Ideas

Kara has the right idea with this Lego themed party decor that you can use basically anywhere you need a pop of Lego color.

These are made from cardboard and you know you have a pile of cardboard in the garage that you need to recycle, don’t you?

Why not repurpose it as party decor instead?

Lego Front Door Decor from Planted by Streams

Legos as Lego party decor is perfect, right?

This front door wreath made of legos from Planted by Streams is perfect.

And this doesn’t have to be limited to the front door or to just making a number to represent the birthday kids age.

Use your imagination and see what else you can come up with to decorate with Legos. Even better, let the kids do it!

Lego Building Blocks Centerpiece from Party City

I love a centerpiece at the party table, even at a children’s party. I don’t see it done very often, which is why I think it’s a great idea to include.

This one from Party City is very festive and colorful, and not expensive.

I love DIY’s for parties, but if you can get something that is cute and fun and cheap, then I say go for it.

Save your time where you can, right?

Lego Birthday Party Games and Entertainment

The food and the decorations are kind of like ice breakers at a party. They are to get everyone warmed up for the fun stuff, the Lego Party Games and Entertainment!

You will want to choose your games and entertainment wisely. Think about your audience. And their energy levels. You’ll want some very active activities and also maybe a low key one for when the kids are ready to sit for a minute.

BUT. The most important thing about party games is to remember that you can’t force kids to play them.

If they are happily doing one thing but your party schedule says it’s time to move on to the next thing, don’t stress if they aren’t ready to move on. Try to let the fun happen naturally.

Lego Photo Booth from Catch My Party

Every good party now has a “Photo Booth”. Don’t stress out about this.

There are very easy ways to achieve this with a little ingenuity and a trip to the party store.

This example from Catch My Party is great, but if it is a little intimidating to you, you could always use some yellow plastic table cloths for the backdrop and store bought props.

Lego Man Scavenger Hunt from Delia Creates

If you’re having this Lego Party inside of your house, this Lego Man Scavenger idea from Delia Creates is SO much fun.

Just be aware that it will mean children running around your house touching everything, moving everything around. Think Easter Egg Hunt levels of chaos, except Lego themed.

Maybe this is perfect for the finished basement or the Kid’s playroom.

Pin the Head on the Lego Man from Abide With Me

For some reason at birthday parties it becomes a good idea to blindfold children, spin them around in a circle and set them off on a mission.

In this case, with this Pin the Head on the Lego Man game from Abide With Me, the child will be trying to stick a Lego Man head onto a Lego Man body, much like Pin the Tail on the donkey.

Dizzy children that are blindfolded can become a viral Youtube video real quick, so have a your camera rolling and also have someone making sure no one gets gravely injured.

Lego Coloring Page from One Mama’s Daily Drama

Here’s an activity for when you need a quiet moment in the party. Maybe you need everyone sitting down for a few minutes while you get the finishing touches on the cupcakes.

Lego Coloring Pages from One Mama’s Daily Drama might be just the thing to corral those sugared up 8 year olds. For at least 7 minutes.

If you’re lucky.

Lego Bean Bag Toss from Tip Junkie

I love this idea for a Lego Bean Bag Toss game from Tip Junkie.

You know why?

Because it can stick around in the play room even after the party! Sometimes the stuff we come up with for parties is kind of one and done. But a bean bag toss game is fun all the time.

We all love cornhole, don’t we? So put this together for the party, and then keep it out and see if the kids keep playing with it.

Lego Ring Toss from Stir the Wonder

This Lego Ring Toss game from Stir the Wonder is similar to the bean bag toss in that it can be enjoyed even after the party is over.

But, I also love this one because it is smaller scale and it’s something the kids can easily put together themselves. It’s using the Legos in a different way, not just building, but also then turning what you built into a game.

I bet this gets the kids imaginations working and they’ll be figuring out other ways they can play with their Legos.

Lego Birthday Party Favors

Ok, party is almost over now.

I cannot stress to you enough how important this part of the party is.

You’ve got kids that are crashing from sugar, they’ve just watched another kid open up a ton of presents (if you do the whole present opening thing during the party) AND now they have to leave the super crazy fun time that was this Lego Birthday Party.

Do you see how you are set up for failure right now if you don’t handle this part right?

You could have 12 meltdowns in the span of 5 minutes as parents are trying to usher their kids home.

I’m pretty sure that’s why party favors were invented. To send the kids home with a smile on their faces and save the best party ever.

Free Printable Party Favor Bag Topper from Fab Everyday

Party favors need a bag to go in. It’s part of the deal. It makes it seem like the guests are almost getting their own present as they leave thereby mitigating the jealousy melt down.

These Lego themed party favor bag toppers from Fab Everyday are a super simple and inexpensive printable.

Now you just have to fill them up!

Water Bottle w/ Legos from Chickabug

Best case scenario with a Party Favor is you give one thing that is actually useful for your parting guest.

Their parents will love your for this. They won’t love you so much if you give their kids a bag full of more sugary candy for the car ride home as well 17 little junky toys.

These water bottles from Chickabug will keep you in the good graces of the other parents. Promise.

Lego Head Storage Jar from Obseussed

I know I just said the parents aren’t going to be happy with you if you send their kids home with a bunch more candy, but these Lego Head party favor jars from Obsuessed are cute enough to just go for it.

I say fill these with some M&M’s and call it a day. At least the kid is going home with a cool little Lego jar they can use to store stuff after they’ve eaten all the candy.

But if you’re really worried about what the other parents think, fill the jars with slime.

JK. They will never speak to you again.

Lego Filled Mason Jar from Essentially Erika

This party favor from Essentially Erika is one everyone will be happy to take home. You can’t go wrong with this one.

It’s a mason jar which every mom loves.

Its also filled with Legos. And we’ve already established that Legos are beloved by everyone except for dads who don’t know enough to never go barefoot again after their children turn 3 and can be trusted with Legos.

Lego Man Face Party Favor Cups from Doodle Craft Blog

If you don’t want to do party favor bags, these Lego Man party favor cups from Doodle Craft Blog might be what you’re looking for.

I like that these give you the opportunity to do some Lego face drawing at some point prior to the party.

Art is very calming and we all now you need some calming in the days before the party.

You can’t fix it with wine every time. Why not try some crafts this time, ok?

Lego Crayons from The Best Ideas for Kids

Ahh, this is my favorite favor of the bunch. DIY Lego Crayons from the best Ideas for Kids.

I love a good DIY. I really a love a DIY that is useful.

And the kids and the moms are going to think these are super cool and therefore so aren’t you and your kid!

Party the plan!

Ok, you’re ready for this. Your kid wants the best Lego Birthday Party ever and you’re prepared to give it to him without losing your mind.

Remember, there’s no reason to go overboard. If you pick a 2-3 things from each of the party categories, then you’re golden.

You got this.

How to Plan the Ultimate Lego BIrthday Party