How to Host an Epic Minecraft Birthday Party

Full disclosure. I can’t even look at the screen when my kids play Minecraft. The combination of the pixelated images and that weird music makes me nauseous.

But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to give them an amazing Minecraft Birthday Party, does it?

Nope, it does not.

I mean, I spent like 4 straight months vomiting while I was pregnant with my daughter, what’s a little mild nauseau, right?

So I ate some Tums and went digging through the world wide web to find the best Minecraft Party Ideas. Just for you. And me. And our kids.

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Minecraft Birthday Party Food

Most of the parties that you go to, especially for kids, are going to serve pizza and some cake. Maybe a Hoodsie cup on the side.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, the kids have fun no matter what, but, I think that parties are a chance to step outside of our normal day to day lives.

There are very few chances to do that, when you think about.

So, why not go a couple of extra steps and make the food at your Minecraft party just a little extra special?

Minecraft Creeper Munch from Simplistically Living

The easiest way to make things a little extra special without losing your mind is to think of ways you can modify the food that you would have served anyway so that it fits your theme.

This Minecraft Creeper Munch from Simplistically Living is the perfect example of that.

It’s microwave popcorn that’s been drizzled with Minecraft themed chocolate. Green and yellow melty chocolate and some green M&M’s. Mmm…..

Don’t worry the kids will love it. If you can serve it up in some Minecraft themed bowls, even better!

Green Jello Slime from Webb Pickers Gill

Minecraft is a great party theme because it’s all about squares (not unlike the The Lego Birthday Party which is all about rectangles!) which means it’s pretty easy to make food look like Minecraft.

This Green Jello Slime from Webb Pickers Gill looks just like a building block from Minecraft.

Plus, Jello is fun to eat, right? There’s really no other food quite like Jello, is there?

Minecraft Potion of Healing from a Few Shortcuts

I almost always recommend water as the drink of choice for a kids party. It’s one less thing to add to the blood sugar levels of your guests.

But I couldn’t resist this Minecraft Potion of Healing from a Few Shortcuts.

The drink itself is Kool Aid. Which is basically liquid sugar with a pinch of red dye. But what if you ONLY let them have it at this one particular birthday party?

Or, you could just grab the free printable Potion label and slap it on some bottled water. That would work, too. It just wouldn’t be red.

Dirt Brownies from DIY Inspired

In Minecraft dirt squares are important. For some reason. I’m not really sure why, but it’s definitely a thing I’ve seen on the screen before turning away to grab the bottle of Tums.

What could be easier than “Dirt Brownies” from DIY Inspired?

Baking a box of brownies is one of the easiest things in the world to bake. You can even just buy brownies and cut them into squares.

And, not only can those brownies represent “minecraft dirt”, but you could also add green frosting and now you have “minecraft grass” and crumble them up a little and you’ve got “minecraft coal”.

Who knew the humble brownie could go such a long way?

Minecraft Sword Pull-Apart Cupcake Cake from Java Cupcake

Java Cupcake’s Minecraft Sword Cupcake Cake is a winner, in my opinion.

It’s stunning. The colors are great. It’s so not boring.

Plus it’s cupcakes which are far, far easier on the hostess than a cake. They are basically self serve.

To me one of the most chaotic parts of the party is when it’s time to serve cake. It’s nearing the end of the party.

Everyone is off the wall from having had so much fun and at the same time they can sense that it is winding down.

All the parents want to help with something because at this point they can see you are exhausted and now you have a knife in your hand and plates and forks to balance.

The kids are actually sitting down, but there is this obvious tension in them that tells you “OH MY GOD if you don’t get this cake to them RIGHT NOW they may start a riot!”

So you start cutting and then this crazy choreagraphed assembly of mothers start helping you pass it out. Plate, cake, fork, plate cake fork, plate cake fork, plate cake fork, walk, distribute, return, repeat.

It’s actually remarkable when you think about it. Like we’re hard wired to hand out cake.

Anyway, you can mitigate all of that by just serving cupcakes.

Creeper Pizza from Catch My Party

This Creeper Pizza from Catch My Party is one of those things that will take you a little bit of time (it requires cutting pepperoni into squares), but it’s also one of those little details that will most definitely be remembered.

And that is important for your party. You aren’t throwing a party so you can forget about it in 3 weeks. Parties are why we make memory books and scrapbooks, right?

Someday, in 20 years, your son might say to you, “Remember that time you made Creeper Pizza for my 8th birthday party? That was awesome, Mom”.

That’s worth an hour of cutting pepperoni into squares, isn’t it?

Minecraft Birthday Party Decorations

Minecraft Birthday Party decorations are super DIY-able. I love a good DIY party. But DIY’s can get overwhelming.

So, remember, pick two or three things from the list and pick the spots you decorate strategically.

If you’re having the party at home, wherever you plan to eat and wherever you plan to play are the best spots to decorate.

If you’re having your party at an offsite party location, then you probably have a room at your disposal to decorate!

Giant Creeper Backdrop from Made By a Princess

That looks impressive, doesn’t?

You’re thinking it was super difficult. And expensive.

Nope. It’s square paper plates. Affixed to the wall in the shape of a Creeper from Made By a Princess.

That’s what’s great about Minecraft party decorations. With just a little imagination, you can really come up with some amazing and, in this case, large scale decor.

Why stop at Creepers? You could make the Minecraft dude, the white ghost things, the black purple eyed things… You could make the pig face out of paper plates!

Minecraft Mob Balloons from A Mummy Too

Balloons are a party staple. They are festive bobbing along as the wind blows, or more likely breeze created by charging 8 year olds.

They are cheap and they take up a lot of visual space.

The Minecraft motif on these Mob Balloons from A Mummy Too are super easy to achieve. You can make those, I know you can.

Easy Minecraft Centerpieces from Room Mom Extraordinaire

Balloons again for the win! This time they are simple centerpieces from Room Mom Extraordinaire.

Start saving your Amazon boxes for this one a few months (or weeks, depending on how frequent an Amazon flier you are) ahead of the party.

Or you can ask at the grocery store or Target for empty boxes. They are usually happy to give them away.

Then it’s just either green paint or green paper to cover the boxes and cutting out some squares for the Creepers face from construction paper.

Minecraft Wall Coverings from Fferrazk

Alright, I’m not going to lie, this is some next level Minecraft decor from Fferrazk.

It’s definitely something that is going to take some time, so if you go this route, make sure you think about that, but this is not necessarily expensive.

The wall coverings are table cloths. Plastic ones. Like from the dollar store.

Do you think those children will every forget when their mom and dad turned the dining room into a model of Minecraft? Only if those parents do every party this special.

Easy Endermen from Catch My Party

Endermen, those black, purple eyed things I referred to before have a name, I see.

You can make them with streamers and construction paper like these that I found on Catch My Party.

They are super creepy, aren’t they? Keep them around for Halloween, maybe.

Minecraft Photobooth Backdrop

Pictures have always been a big part of any party. Remember back in the day when you had a film camera and you had to wait like a week before you got your pictures back and then it was like you were so excited to have the pictures back you should probably just throw another party for everyone to come see the pictures?

I think I might be the last generation that grew up with film pictures.

Now, in the 21st century, with our new fangled cell phone cameras, we document our lives constantly. So at a party, the pictures need to be a little more special.

Enter the photo booth. This doesn’t have to be difficult to do, you can go totally DIY on this, but the kids are most definitely going to love a Minecraft themed photo booth.

This set up could easily be achieved with those trusty plastic table cloths and some construction paper. Those masks that are set up on the table are just printed Minecraft faces glued to some cardboard and affixed to a popsicle stick.

Minecraft birthday Party Games & Entertainment

Ok, time to get the fun started with some Minecraft themed party games.

As always, I caution every good hostess to go with the flow when it comes to these games. We’ve all witnessed the mom yelling, “IT’S TIME TO PLAY CREEPER TOSS NOT POKE A CREEPER!!!!”.

Don’t be that mom. If they are having a blast with one particular game, let them have at it.

Minecraft Poke A Creeper Game

This Poke a Creeper Game is great for younger kids. This is Minecraft themed, but you can keep this idea in your back pocket for almost any party theme. I once did one of these for an Advent Calendar for my kids.

The basic concept is you adhere some plastic cups to a piece of cardboard or wood, fill the cups with candy or other treats, cover the hole of the cup with tissue paper (attached to the cup with a rubber band) and then let the kids poke through the tissue to get their treat.

This one isn’t going to take a lot of time up; keep that in mind. If you need a “warm up” game, this is perfect for that.

Creeper Toss Game from Surprisingly Joy

I wonder if the Creeper is actually the most popular dude from Minecraft? It seems like he must be.

This Creeper Toss Game from Surprisingly Joy is great for a party because it is pretty easy to make and to play and pretty much kids of all ages will enjoy.

Probably the adults would even enjoy this.

It’s basically just a Minecraft version of cornhole and who doesn’t love cornhole?

Minecraft Nerf Gun Game from Housing a Forest

I’m not a fan of shooting games, but I am ok with Nerf Guns.

This Minecraft Nerf Gun Game from Housing a Forest looks like it would be right up any 8 year old boys alley.

Just fair warning, you put Nerf Guns in the hands of 8 year olds, they are most definitely NOT going to ONLY shoot the Minecraft targets. This will erupt into an all out Nerf gun war.

With that in mind, decide if you want this to be an outdoors game ahead of time!

Spawn Egg Hunt from Crafting a Green World

I adore this Spawn Egg Hunt game from Crafting a Green World!

It’s definitely a project to make the eggs for the egg hunt, but this is so worth it.

Basically the eggs are filled with confetti so after the egg hunt, it’s confetti explosion time! Check out the tutorial. You will want to include this in your party.

Minecraft Pinata from Oh So Savvy Mom

I have a love hate relationship with Pinata’s at kids parties.

I love that they are fun and pretty and filled with awesomeness.

I hate that they require giving children a broomstick and a blindfold. I mean, who came up with this idea??

But kids do love a Pinata and as long as the parents are on high alert, a Pinata is a lot of fun.

This Minecraft theme Pinata from Oh Savvy Mom is a semi-DIY. It’s more modification than DIY. You’re not getting the papier mache out, you’re just changing up a pre-bought pinata, okay?

Minecraft Pins from The Kitchen Magpie

I like to have an opportunity at every party for kids to do something that doesn’t involve yelling, screaming, bashing or any other rowdy type behavior.

Sometimes they need a moment to sit, right? These Minecraft Pins from The Kitchen Magpie will give them that opportunity.

Plus, this does double duty as a party favor.

Minecraft birthday Party Favors

Alright, mamma, you made it to the end! Break out the bottle of wine cause you’re about to hand out the party favors!

Send those screaming banshees home with some good swag, ok? The best party favors are going to be something memorable and useful.

The worst party favors are junky stuff + candy. Unfortunately, kids love junky stuff + candy, so sometimes we’re giving that as a party favor.

Who cares what the other parents think anyway?

DIY Minecraft Tumblers from I Should Be Mopping the Floor

Are there ever enough reusable plastic cups/bottles at your house? At my house there are never enough. I think all of the water bottles/cups I’ve ever bought are having a rager in the basement with all of the missing socks.

That’s why this Minecraft Tumbler from I Should Be Mopping the Floor is perfect. Everybody can use another water bottle, especially one of these cool ones with a straw.

Plus, it’s memorable. Every time your guest uses it they will think of the epic Minecraft party you threw for you kid.

TNT Licorice from Kara’s Party Ideas

See I told you we were going to send them home with candy sometimes.

These TNT Licorice boxes from Kara’s Party Ideas are too cute not to include.

Ok, fine, this is just a box of candy with no other redeemable value, but it is cute and on theme!

Life Force Heart Candy from Catch My Party

Oops, I did it again. More candy with a cute tag on it from Catch My Party.

This isn’t so bad though because it’s just one chocolate. You’re not giving little Timmy enough sugar to get him all charged up again before he gets home with his parents.

Actually, this should be a little party favor for the parents. Give one of these to the moms for their drive home. They deserve it. As do you. Make sure you have a pile of these stashed away somewhere.

Party Favor Bags from The Kitchen Magpie

The Kitchen Magpie promises these Creeper party favor bags take ten minutes to make.

You can find ten minutes.

Fill these up with the cup from above and the candy bar below if you really want people ooh-ing and aah-ing about how detail oriented your parties are.

Minecraft Candy Bar Printable from Meet Penny

I know, more candy. But, I have a thing for a candy bar wrapped in a new wrapper that fits your theme.

It just feels so customized and special.

And Hershey’s bars are irresistable. I have to stop typing about them now before I go get in the car drive, to the store, buy 7 bars and eat them all.

Minecraft Printable Bookmarks from Hale Grafx

Ah, here we go, a Minecraft Printable Bookmark from Hale Grafx. See, we’re classy book readers, not hysterical candy monsters.

Is it possible for a young child to be nostalgic? Because my daughter is. She, since she was little, has refused to read a book on a Kindle. She wants real books and she LOVES bookmarks.

Me, I’ll read in the Kindle app on my phone all day.

But don’t think that kids are not going to enjoy a cute bookmark. My daughter totally would.

Party The Plan

You feel ready? You’ve picked out food, decor, games and party favors for your Minecraft Birthday Party.

You’re totally ready. Have fun and remember, party favor time = Wine O’clock!

How to Plan the Ultimate Minecraft Birthday Party