11 Minute to Win It Games Perfect for a Kids Party

Minute to Win It Games are perfect for a Kids Party. They are fun and funny. They are cheap and they are usually either big bursts of energy or calm, concentration type games.

Big bursts of energy are important for kids parties because, well, that’s what kids are in essence, aren’t they? Big giant bursts of energy. Especially after all of the sugar you’ve fed them.

And the calm concentration games are great for when you need to reign things in a little bit. Like when the kids start climbing up your curtains and rappelling down your walls. That’s a “reign them in” moment.

In case you didn’t know.

Kids Party Minute To Win It Games

11 Minute to Win It Games Kids Will Love!

If you remember the Minute to Win It tv show with Guy Fieri, then you know that the contestants on the show were adults. Which means you do want to be careful about which games you choose so you know they are kid appropriate as far as the skills go.

Don’t worry, I’ve already done that for you. These 11 Minute to Win It Games are perfect for kids.

And here’s a secret about Minute to Win It games and why you are going to want to play them all the time.

They teach your kids about having a Growth Mindset. A growth mindset means that kids believe that they can learn and get better at something with practice.

Minute to Win It games are all about that. Most of these games are challenging at first. But what you find as the timer ticks along is that there are simpler ways to do things. You quickly understand what small changes you make that make the challenge easier.

And the kids are none the wiser. They just think it’s crazy fun time. But somewhere in their subconscious they are learning, “I was terrible at this game at first, but the more I tried, the better I got”.

That’s gold right there.

Ok, preachy time over, on to the game.

Twisted Sister from Kid Friendly Things To Do

I didn’t put Twisted Sister at the top of this list randomly.

I did it because it looks like so much fun for both the person competing in the challenge and for those sitting by and watching. I can just hear the gleeful laughter.

The premise is simple. Uspool two rolls of crepe paper streamers in a minute. Easier said than done!

Cookie Face from Catching Fireflies Gifts

Cookie Face is a classic. I love that it has two components.

Your face and a cookie.

I also love that you get to eat a cookie.

In this one, you place the cookie on your forehead and you have to get the cookie to travel to your mouth. No hands!

Stick it To Em from Paging Fun Moms

This sounds ridiculous, right? Why is this even challenging? Stick sticky notes on a person.

Because you’ll see how fast you run out of places to put those sticky notes, trust me.

This one is tougher than it looks!

Stack Attack from Club Chica Circle

This is one of those major concentration games. Stack quick, but carefully, all of those cups into a stable pyramid.

Fun right?

Oh and you also have to take them all back down and into a neat non-pyramid stack of cups, too. In a minute.

Junk In The Trunk from Housing a Forest

This one was born to make people laugh. Whoever thought up this game had a fantastic sense of humor.

What’s great about humans is that when we get competitive, we lose a lot of our inhibitions.

For kids you don’t even have to think about that, they don’t usually have inhibitions anyway, but this game, for adults, is great.

Breakfast Scramble from Let’s Get Together

Breakfast scramble is a really cheap and easy Minute to Win It game.

Just grab your cereal boxes, cut up the front of the box into pieces and boom, you got a Minute to Win It Game.

You also get to play, What kind of cereal is this? for the next few mornings, too!

Suck It Up from The Chaos and The Clutter

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid “suck” wasn’t a word we were allowed to say in the “Suck It Up” context, so change the name of this if you have to.

But the premise is totally one of those one’s that I think the kids will love. It’s kind of science-y, too. Suck up the Skittle with the straw and deposit it onto another plate.

Easy and educational.

Don’t Blow It from Happiness Is Homemade

Don’t Blow It kind of reminds me of golf. Except with your breath instead of golf clubs.

And equally frustrating.

And it’s watching the other players get frustrated that makes the whole thing fun, right?

One Handed Bracelets from Teach Mama

One Handed Bracelets is sort of an interesting concept. It seems kind of silly. More like a craft than a fun game, right?

But the fun is in the “one handed”.

It’s incredibly annoying and for some reason also fun to try to make a cereal bracelet with hand.

Stack It Up from One Good Thing By Jillee

Stack It Up was one of my favorite games to watch when Minute to Win It was still on television.

I think my favorites are the ones that start with really simple items that you probably have in the house.

And that seem like they are going to be easy and then they are totally not easy.

On the Nose from Sophie’s Hope

I think the best part of On the Nose is getting the cotton ball off of your nose.


I know. The idea is you dab some Vaseline on your nose, get a cotton bowl to stick to the Vaseline and then you have to transport said cotton ball to another plate and get it OFF of your nose without using your hands.

Fun, right ?

Party With a Plan

Ready to add some of these fun Minute To Win It games to your party? See which you can incorporate into your theme.

Then sit back and watch how much fun those kids have with these games.

And smile to yourself while you remember my speech about Growth Mindset.

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11 Minute to Win It Games Kids Will Love