24 Swashbuckling Pirate Birthday Party Ideas

Pirates are just always going to be a thing. They are like evergreen badasses. All little kids love to play pirate. Which means a pirate birthday party is probably going to be requested by one of your littles at some point.

It’s probably already been requested, otherwise what are you doing here?

The good news is that a Pirate party is a TON of fun to plan.

I’ve collected all of the best Pirate birthday party ideas for you. Check em out.


24 Swashbuckling Pirate Party Ideas

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Pirate Birthday Party Food

I imagine real life pirates probably eat a lot of fish. I don’t know if that will go over very well with a bunch of 8 year olds, however.

Instead we are just going to think about our normal party foods and pirate-ize them.

This isn’t hard, I promise.

Pirate Ship Hot Dogs from Pizzazzerie

If you weren’t planning on having a “main”, you might want to change your mind when you realize how flipping adorable these Pirate Ship Hot Dogs are from Pizzazzerie.

They are perfect. Adorable? Check. Kid Friendly? Check. On theme? Check.

The kids will love these. This isn’t even a bad idea to do for regular old Saturday night hot dogs and beans.

Pirate Themed Candy Bar from Leonie’s Cakes and Parties

Candy is going to happen at your party. It’s kind of a given, right?

Make it extra cute with a candy bar set up like this one from Leonie’s Cakes and Parties for the kids to pick over.

Don’t forget the printables to make everything on theme. Rollos in their gold wrappers are actually GOLD! ME HEARTIES!

Tic Toc Crocodile Cupcakes from Mom Spotted

Tic Toc is the croc that is Captain Hook’s archnemesis in Peter Pan. In case you didn’t know.

Which makes these Tic Toc Crocodile Cupakes from Mom Spotted the most perfect Pirate dessert you could ever ask for.

This isn’t even that hard to do. It’s green frosted cupcakes arranged in the appropriate shape with a very small amount of decoration for eyeballs, nails and teeth.

You can totally make that.

Sand Dollar Cookies from Mother’s Niche

You do want to have something at your party that looks appetizing for the adults, right? Something a little bit grown up?

These Sand Dollar Cookies from Mother’s Niche are perfect that.

Also they are sugary and delicious so the kids will love them, too, but they will go for the candy first.

These would also be perfect if you happen to be doing a Mermaid birthday party, too.

Gold Oreo Coins from Purple Chocolate at Home

First of all, let me welcome you to the world of gold food. Did you even know that this existed? It’s spray paint for FOOD!

Our lives will never be the same again.

But back to the Pirate party. These Gold Oreos from Purple Chocolate at Home are PERFECT! They look exactly like gold coins and they taste like Oreos.

Pirate Marshmallow Pops from Hostess with the Mostess

How clever are these little guys? I love that they are equal parts snack and decor.

The kids will totally get a kick out of these Pirate Marshmallow Pops from Hostess with the Mostess.

And the parents will think you are a creative genius.

Pirate Birthday Party Decor

You can really go over the top with a pirate theme with minimal effort.

And over the top is what we’re going for with party decor.

You only do this once a year for this child, so over the top on this day is totally fine.

X Marks the Spot from Events to Celebrate

Start things off on the right foot with this awesome treasure map leading to the X on your front door!

I love this idea for a DIY X Marks the Spot from Events to Celebrate. It really sets the tone for the party.

How excited will those little pirates be when they see that?

Cardboard Ship Wheel from Welcome to The Woods

Ok, ignore the fact that that awesome Ship Wheel says 60th. And imagine it says 6th.

This Cardboard Ship Wheel from Welcome to the Woods is very DIY-able.

It’s perfect for a pirate themed party.

Tablescape from Setting the Mood with Jamee

You’re going to have a table for food or presents or just the dining room table.

It’s the perfect opportunity to add some Pirate-y flair!

This tablescape from Setting the Mood with Jamee is the perfect inspiration. Don’t forget to have skeletons at your Pirate Party!

Pirate Backdrop from Journey of Parenthood

If you know me then you know I love a good photo backdrop at every party.

This Pirate themed Backdrop from Journey of Parenthood is a great example. It’s simple. That’s just red and black streamers.

Make it your own by adding some fish netting or other pirate-y stuff!

Pirate Treat Table from Hostess with the Mostess

Wherever you have your food, make sure you also have some decor.

Often your food is going to act like decor, so if you can add a few additional elements to the food table, it will be a real knockout.

This treat table from Hostess with the Mostess shows us just that. Adding a few items to this table really makes it special.

Pirate Centerpiece from Fleece Fun

Don’t forget a small touch! A centerpiece at a kids party might seem a little over the top, but I say, go over the top.

This Pirate Centerpiece from Fleece Fun is perfect for filling in an empty spot that needs something Pirate-y.

And it’s super simple to achieve, too.

Pirate Birthday Party Games

The kids are going to LOVE these. Pirate theme games might be the most fun of all the themes.

Really you could just give them some eye patches and let them run around going, “Arrrggghhhh, I’m a Pirate!” for an hour and they’d probably be happy.

But we’re going to go the extra mile on the games, ok?

Pirate Ball Toss Game from Free Kids Crafts

This Pirate Ball Toss Game from Free Kids Crafts looks like it took some artsy skills to achieve, I know.

But give it a whirl. Maybe you have some hidden Pirate drawing talents that have yet to be uncovered.

You don’t know until you try and if it comes out awesome, Awesome! And if it doesn’t, little kids barely notice the details like, Does it have two eyes?, anyway.

Actually, two eyes aren’t really mandatory on a pirate anyway, are they?

Pirate Water Sword Guns from Southern State of Mind

Alright, I made up that title to make it sound more pirate-y. But hear me out.

These waterguns do kind of look like swords. I could have just put swords in here, to be honest. But do you want the kids to have sword fights, or do you want them to shoot each other with harmless water?

Exactly. Water Sword guns from Southern State of Mind for the win.

Walk the Plank from Party Like a Cherry

You gotta have a walk the plank at your pirate party, right? If you don’t the kids will leave and be like,

I didn’t even get to walk a plank!

Naughty 6 year old

This plank from Party like a Cherry is done right. The alligator and shark fins?

Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

Dig for Treasure from Dinner at the Zoo

This is another thing that is great for the party, but is really not a bad idea for anytime in your backyard.

If you’ve got a sandbox like this one from Dinner at the Zoo (or kiddie pool you don’t mind filling with sand), toss some Pirate’s Booty (not the kind you eat) in there and let the kids dig for it.

Don’t be mad when they leave the beach crying because they didn’t find any booty in that sand, though.

Treasure Hunt from Party Delights

Yes! You have to have a treasure hunt at your Pirate Party. So much fun!

Party Delights makes the Pirate Treasure Hunt easy with instructions and free printables.

This will be a hit, I promise.

Cap’n Hook Toss from Catch My Party

It’s ring toss with a Pirate Twist.

This idea from Catch My Party is right on theme and tons of fun.

Pirate Birthdat Party Favors

We made it to the party favors. Don’t lose steam here. You want a good last impression and you qant everyone smiling as they leave.

It’s far better than everyone crying on the way out because they don’t want to leave.

The party favor will stop that in its tracks.

Buccaneer Booty from Clean Living Clean Eating

Send the kids home with a bucket full or pirate gear and they will continue the pretend play at home.

The parents will love you for that.

This Buccaneer Booty bucket from Clean Living Clean Eating is perfect inspiration.

DIY Pirate Hooks from Doodle Craft Blog

I love when the kids get to take home something they actually made as their party favor.

It means that thing is going to be very memorable for them.

And in the case of this DIY Pirate Hook from Doodle Craft Blog, it’s also useful. You need a Pirate Hook to play pirate, don’t you?

Pirate’s Booty Goody Bag from Chickabug

Send the kids home with some dubloons and an eye patch, why don’t ye?

This Pirate’s Booty Good Bag from Chickabug is great in that it is fun for playing pretend later AND it does not contain any candy.

You may need to make a note to the children that the coins are in fact NOT candy.

Treasure Map Goody Bags from Our Mom Rocks

These are a super DIY goody bag from Our Mom Rocks.

They are perfect for adding some gold bars (chocolates in gold wrapping!) for the kids to take home.

And you won’t believe what the Mom from Our Mom Rocks used to make them!

Pirate Ship Favors from I’m Quite Crafty

The dollar store is perfect for finding vessels for your party favors.

These cute Pirate Ship favors from I’m Quite Crafty are made from little plastic storage bins that were 4 for a buck!

Add a little pirate sail, fill them with whatever you choose and you’ve got a fantastic party favor!

Skull & Cross Bow Party Bags from The Twinkle Diaries

These bags are another great option for sending your party goers home with something special.

I fully expect these to be filled with at least some candy, but try not to do ALL candy.

An eyepatch, maybe? I mini telescope? Get creative and try not to sugar them up TOO much for the ride home, ok? The other parents will thank you.

Party The Plan

Get out your Captain Sparrow wig. It’s go time on this Pirate birthday party.

Don’t forget. We’re not losing our minds. Two or three things from each category, ok?

Let’s go get scurvy.

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24 Swashbucklig Pirate Party Ideas