The Easy Way to Do Thank You Notes for Kid’s Parties

The worst part of planning a Kids Birthday party isn’t even part of the planning. It’s at the end. When it’s over. And you have to send thank you notes.

What I really would like is to start a petition to abolish the societal norm that is Thank You notes. No one on the planet that is Earth enjoys writing thank you notes.

Thank you!  Kids Party thank you notes sign

But I know that there are a few people still out there that will check their mailbox every day and have a mental countdown of how many days it has been since they gave you a gift and you have not sent that thank you note.

I know because my mother is one of those people.

Let me tell you something. This apple fell very far from that tree.

I fell so far from that tree, that not only do I not care how long it takes you to send me a thank you note, but I would actually prefer that you didn’t.

I know you’re thankful. If I gave you or your child a gift, then you are someone I know well enough to know that you are thankful. You probably gave me a tired smile and a whispered thank you as I left the party and I don’t need anything more from you than that.

In fact when I get the thank you note in the mail, I feel guilty. I know that you didn’t like writing this note. And I know that you felt obligated to do it. And I feel responsible for not lifting that burden off of you.

We can’t end the turmoil. Not in this generation because, let’s face it, the old people love their thank you notes.

But we can sort of change up the Thank You Note game, can’t we? Make it a little easier on ourselves.

I think we can and I have a method for you to try.

Changing The Thank You Note Game

What I like to do to make the thank you notes feel a little less like a drain on my soul is to make the Thank You notes fun.

  • Use a Picture from the birthday party as your thank you note. 
  • Try a printable form for a thank you note
  • Have your child help you with the thank you notes

A great way to incorporate all of these and make your kid interested in helping with the thank you notes is to try this trick.

Don’t open the presents during the party.  

Opening the presents during the party is like torture for the guests anyway, so trust me, if you aren’t already doing this, no one is going to mind.

Maybe your mother-in-law might mind and you can give in to her and let her watch little Sophie open the doll that’s not supposed to come out of the box while the party is still happening.

Creepy doll that is to only sit on a shelf and should never ever be touched. Not that you would want to anyway.

But don’t open the rest.

After the party, sit with your child and let them know they can open now!

(They will be thrilled and re-energized by that thought).

Take a picture of your child with each present after he opens it. 

After he’s done opening that present and getting the picture taken, fill in a printable thank you note. (More on these in a minute)

He doesn’t get to open the next present until that thank you note is filled out. In addition to getting the thank you notes done, this has the added benefit of making the present opening last a little longer.

It will leave more of an impression on your child which is actually instilling “thankfulness” in him rather than being forced to fill out thank you notes when he doesn’t want to which only instills resentment.

I know you think I am crazy and that no child is going to sit through this process. But if you are dangling the carrot that is the next present in front of him, then you stand a much better chance.

The other option is 6 days after the party you finally remember to get him to sit down at the counter and fill the things out. Or worse. YOU sit at the counter and fill the things out. This is ok for a couple of years, but when the kid can write, the KID should fill them out.

Otherwise you look like you aren’t teaching him manners and we aren’t having that, are we?

I didn’t think so.

After all of the presents have been opened and the pictures taken, print out the pics, stick them with the thank you notes and set a reminder to yourself to pop them in the mail tomorrow.

Printable Thank You Notes for Kid’s Parties

Printable Thank You notes are awesome. They are basically half done for you, but they still require a little personalization which will make the old people happy.

And, bonus, when I get one of those, I don’t feel nearly as guilty that you had to fill it out.

So where do you get these magical thank you notes?

I’m so glad you asked.

Heather from Made In a Pinch has free downloadable templates that you can use.

She also has a great post on the benefits of writing thank you notes for our children. Like teaching respect and responsibility.

Now don’t I feel like an ass after my rant about how I hate thank you notes?

If you’d like to check out even more awesome Thank You note printables, check out some of these from Etsy.

Dinosaur Theme Thank You Note Template

Dinosaur Thank You Note

If you’ve planned a dinosaur theme for your kiddo, then you can totally stay on theme with the Thank You note with these cute cards.

See how simple it is to fill out the quick personalization? It’s not rocket science.

It’s a few words of thanks and acknowledgement. Not so hard, right?

Unicorn Party Thank You Notes

Unicorn party Thank you Notes

Unicorn is one of my favorite party theme’s ever.

These adorable thank you notes are perfect for sending your heartfelt warmest thanks.

Pirate Theme Thank You Note

Pirate Theme thank you Note

These pirate theme thank you notes are cute. What’s great about these and something that you should look for as you’re researching your thank you notes, is that they are instant downloads.

That means even if you forgot to have the thank you notes ready at the end of the party, you can just got print these bad boys off and get them done.

General Non-Theme Specific Thank You Note

There are non-themed printable thank you notes, too, in case you didn’t have a theme for your party.

If you didn’t plan a theme for your party, you should check out these awesome Kid’s Party Themes for your next party though.

Party With A Plan

Well, the party is over, so we aren’t party-ing with a plan at this point, but we are completing thank you notes with a plan.

Whatever your philosophy is on Thank You notes, I think we can all agree that this idea for Thank You notes that I have presented to you is kind of genius.

I’m sure I picked it up along the way some other brilliant mom and now I’m happy to pass it along to you.

Go forth and conquer the Thank You note game, friend.

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