A Trolls Birthday Party You’ll Remember Forever

Let’s throw a Trolls party! And let’s gloss over the fact that the whole theme of the movie is a bit morbid. Someone turn up “Can’t Stop the Feeling!”, quick!

Outside of the whole eating Trolls to make the sad Bergens happy, Trolls is a very happy, bright, rainbow-y type of movie.

Plus that hair, right? It makes for a super fun birthday party theme. It’s going to be all big hair, poppy colors and glitter farts.

Imaginary ones. Hopefully.

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Trolls Birthday Party Food

The food you put out at your Trolls birthday party is going to be one part sustenance and one part party decor.

I mean, it’s all still edible, but you want the food to fit the happy, bright theme that comes along with Trolls, right?

Right. So, pick a few from the list below and see that your guests get their proper fill of birthday party sugar.

Poppy Pink Cookies from Sippy Cup Mom

Pink Strawberry flavored cookies? With blue chips? Of course, why not?

These Poppy themed cookies from Sippy Cup Mom will make the little guests at your party go, “Oooooh, so pretty!”. Right as they shove them in their little mouths.

Maybe they’ll say it WHILE the cookie is in their mouths and they will spew little pink crumbles while they talk. That will be fun, won’t it?

Don’t worry the dog will clean those up.

Troll Party Snack Mix from Craft Create Cook

Popcorn and pretzels are pretty much universally loved by the whole world which is why they are a staple for most every party.

For your Troll Birthday Party, you know you need to figure out how to rainbow-ify the humble popcorn and pretzel bowl, right?

Craft Create Cook has done it perfectly with this Troll Party Snack Mix.

There’s actually jelly beans in there. And other forms of sweet, sweet sugar.

Princess Poppy Cupcakes from Changs and Changes

If you didn’t know, Princess Poppy is one of the Heroes of the Trolls movie. She’s pink and positive and she has HUGE hair.

You like her already, don’t you?

These Princess Poppy cupcakes from Changs and Changes captivate Poppy’s best qualities. Right down to the giant hair.

There’s a great Youtube tutorial for how to make that hair, but I was surprised to see that the hair is ALL frosting.

I think I would probably stick a marshmallow on that cupcake and frost around that. I mean, I love frosting, but even I have my limits.

Trolls Candy Bark from Life Family Fun

Any time you have an opportunity to use edible sprinkles in your food, you should make sure you seize that opportunity.

Here is one for you, Trolls Candy Bark from Life Family Fun. Rainbow swirls, edible teeny tiny flowers and sparkles all in one sweet treat for your party.

You may even choose to use this bark for your party favor. This would be adorable wrapped up in a clear bag with a Trolls printable label or just some pretty ribbon.

Marshmallow Pops from Savor and Savvy

Do you know what is great about these Rainbow Marshmallow pops from Savor and Savvy? Besides the fact that they are perfect for a Trolls party?

They are more than just a yummy treat. They are almost like a centerpiece if you can display them properly.

I see these stuck into one of those floral arrangement things in a big vase in the center of your food table. They’ll take up a lot of visual and vertical space which is always a good thing.

Princess Poppy Cake from Mum Turned Mom

Do you think you could DIY this Princess Poppy cake? I think you could. The hair is actually a cupcake pull apart cake and the face is just a round cake.

Would it be perfect? Maybe not. But sometimes that’s the best. The perfectly imperfect cake that your mom made for your 8th birthday. Very memorable.

Or you could just take this picture to your favorite bakery and have them make it for you. If she is a good baker, you could probably slip her an extra 20 bucks to keep quiet and just pretend you made it.

Our secret. Pinky swear.

Trolls Birthday Party Decor

You are going to love these Troll Party decor ideas so much that you might not EVER take them down.

Rainbows and balloons and paper flowers forever!

Ok, maybe not. There’s a reason we don’t live in a constant party. Even rainbows can get on your nerves after a while.

But, for that one special day of the year, you will LOVE the insane amount of happy bright colors. Just remember, you don’t need to do ALL of these. Just a few.

Trolls Inspired Backdrop from Eye Candy Cville

Alright I was kidding about leaving up the Trolls decorations forever, but, this multicolor backdrop from Eye Candy Cville is actually pretty amazing to look at.

The colors are on theme for Trolls, but the paper medallions are kind of sophisticated. Maybe I wouldn’t leave it up forever, but I could definitely see this used for a bunch of different parties.

I think technically it’s being used at a Cinco De Mayo party. Very multi-purpose.

Put these up behind the food table as pictured, or on a blank wall and make it a photo booth backdrop.

Trolls Centerpieces from Gigglefish Creations

If you can make a centerpiece that is as cute as this little mushroom one from Gigglefish Creations, you should.

I love that these are actually made from repurposed giant Easter eggs. I’m not a fan of keeping a lot of “stuff” but when you keep stuff like that around, you should find creative ways to use it.

Centerpieces are tricky because they are mostly just there to create a bit of visual interest. This one does just that. It’s quite whimsical.

Trolls Mason Jar Flowers from My Crazy Good Life

My Crazy Good Life has these adorable Trolls themed Mason Jar Flowers. They are possibly my favorite project of this group.

Mason Jars are such a fantastically versatile piece of kitchenware. Always have a stash of these around.

Filled with some green faux grass and these crazy cute balloon flowers and you win the party theme decor game. Hands down.

Trolls Paper Lanterns from Bash Parties

Ok, I lied. The Mason Jar Flowers are second place, these Trolls Paper Lanterns from Bash Parties are my real favorite of this bunch.

I love the look of these. They are captivating. Just such a great idea.

Trolls Tablescape from Catch My Party

There is so much fun detail in this tablescape from Catch My Party. The faux grass, the pipe cleaner Troll hair, the pretty little flowers…

It’s like a little Troll village right on your table top. I’d toss a few troll dolls out and let the kids do some imaginary play.

I especially love the tulle Troll hair tied on each chair.

Cloud Guy from The Pinterested Parent

Cloud Guy is sort of an enigma to me. I don’t really completely get what he is. Which is probably what makes him kind of a loveable character.

And definitely one you want to have somewhere at your party. I mean, who can’t smile at that weird looking half man half cloud, right?

You could go small scale like this one out of cotton balls and pipe cleaners, OR

You could go LARGE scale with pool noodles and fiber fill.

Generally large scale is the right choice for parties.

Trolls Birthday Party Games & Entertainment

The games and entertainment portion of your party is a pivotal moment. This can be the greatest party ever, or it can be the “everyone had a meltdown” party.

The way you prevent the meltdowns is to keep the games and entertainment in balance. Don’t have a rigid “Game” schedule you try to force the kids to stick to.

But also, you do want the kids to be doing a bit of organized activity so that they aren’t just chaotically running around on a sugar fueled high.

Usually you can enlist a kid to help with this. Find a “ring leader” and convince him or her how awesome the next game is and let them do the work for you.

DIY Hug Time Bracelets Craft from Twitchetts

Crafts are great a birthday party project. I know it sounds a little counterintuitive, but hear me out.

These Hug Time Bracelets from Twitchetts are perfect for when you need a few moments of downtime during the festivities.

You do want to pre-plan a craft as much as possible so that everything is organized and ready to go when the kids sit down, but once the kids are done with the craft, it can become two things.

It’s part of their party favor because they are bringing it home. AND, it’s also a catalyst for some pretend play. Let the kids think up a game of tag or whatever their little imaginations come up with incorporating the craft.

Trolls Bingo from Artsy Fartsy Mama

Bingo holds a special place in my heart. We played it at pretty much every formal and informal family gathering as I was growing up.

This Trolls Bingo game from Artsy Fartsy Mama is fun and adorable.

Bingo is simple to learn and play for most kids and it keeps everyone engaged as they fill up their Bingo board.

Have some prizes for winners. Nothing super fancy. Maybe a Trolls tattoo or stickers.

Trolls Punch Pinata from Grey House Harbor

Pinata’s are a party staple. Why that is true, I don’t really know. Blindfolds, 7 year olds and big sticks do not seem to go together in my mind very well, but, they are fun, even if they are a tiny bit dangerous.

This Trolls Punch pinata from Grey House Harbor takes a lot of the danger out of the equation. Actually all of it. No blindfold, no stick and no head first diving into a candy pile with this game.

It’s quite simple to make with a large cardboard box, some cups and tissue paper. The tutorial on Grey House Harbor is excellent.

Troll Magnet Craft from Fun Learning Life

If the Hug Time Watch craft doesn’t float your boat, maybe these cute Troll Magnets from Fun Learning Life will.

The little faces are definitely adorable and each kid can make their very own, unique Troll magnet to take home with them.

There’s a very simple to follow tutorial on Fun Learning Life and there’s even a printable template for making the shape of the Troll face.

Troll Themed Water Balloon Toss from a Girl and a Glue Gun

If you’ve got an outdoor party planned, why not try this Water Balloon Toss game from a Girl and a Glue Gun?

Water balloons are a lot of fun, but I think they are even more fun if there is a target for kids to throw out, other than the other kids.

Because somehow someone always ends up crying when the water balloons come out, right? Usually from a water balloon to the face, I think.

Find a Troll Game from Simple Crafty Fun

I love this little Find a Troll Game from Simple Crafty Fun. There’s chocolate, so of course, I’m on board.

It’s perfect to set up as you’re getting the cake ready and they can play while they sit and wait.

Maybe the game aspect of this will keep the kids from just devouring the candy and never “Finding a Troll”? Maybe not, though. Hershey Kisses are kind of irresistable.

Trolls Birthday Party Favors

Party Favor time. Did you know that some kids look forward to the party ending because they know they are getting a party favor?

It’s true. My son does.

It’s also an important time for the party because you want everyone leaving happy. You know when you have a play date and the other child has to be pulled kicking and screaming from the house because they are having so much fun and don’t want it to end?

You don’t want your party to end like that. The party favor will save you from that fate.

Play Do “Make a Troll Kit” Favor from Sara J Creations

This is a near perfect party favor. It’s super cute with the free printable label from Sara J Creations, it’s useful and it’s not candy.

Other than the fact that this is Play Do and therefore has the potential to get stuck in a carpet or couch, the parents will LOVE you for this one.

Because when they get home from the party, they can set their kid up at the kitchen table with this kit and get a few moments to unwind from the party.

For both the parent and the child to unwind. It’s a win all around.

Trolls Hair Lollipops from Party Delights

Maybe you want to send the children home with a little sweet treat. I get that.

This Troll Hair lollipop from Party Delights is perfect. It’s easy to do and it’s just one lollipop, so it’s not like you’re sending the kids home with a bag of candy to devour.

You could whip these up in a flash and they wouldn’t be super expensive either.

Trolls Slime from Young at Heart Mommy

If you want to truly delight the children at your party, you can give this Troll Slime from Young at Heart Mommy as your party favor.

Be warned. The parents will not be thrilled. Because no parent likes slime. And yet EVERY kid likes slime.

Don’t worry they will get over it. But don’t be surprised if your kid gets a whistle or some other ultra annoying party favor at the next party you go to.

Pay back.

K Cup Trolls from Craft Create Cook

If you are a Keurig lover, then this party favor is for you!

Start saving your used K Cups. Because you’re going to need them for these K Cup Trolls from Craft Create Cook.

So cute, right?

These can also do double duty as a craft for the kids to make if you don’t want to assemble them ahead of time.

Trolls Headbands from Color the Moon

These Trolls Headbands from Color the Moon. They are quite incredible, I have to say.

Everyone will LOVE going home with this.

Again, the parents will love this too because it gets added to the kids dress up chest, right?

Troll “Hair” Cotton Candy from 101 Party Ideas

Cotton Candy is remarkably similar to the funky style that Trolls wear their hair, isn’t it?

101 Party Ideas picked up on that and came up with this brilliant, if sugary, idea of a party favor: Troll Hair in a bag!

There’s a free printable bag topper for you, too!

Party the Plan

That’s it! You’ve got what you need for a perfectly themed Trolls Birthday Party!

Get ready to be joyfully singing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” for the next 7 months!

How to Plan the Ultimate Trolls Birthday Party