How To Host a Magical Unicorn Birthday Party

What is with the obsession with Unicorns lately?  Do we all need a little escape from reality? 

You know what? 

Yes, we do all need an escape from reality.  That’s what you plan parties for after all, isn’t it?  A little something outside of your ordinary day. 

Let’s plan the best Unicorn Birthday Party there ever was, shall we?

Plan the Party

My goal for you here is to plan a party that everyone will love without losing your ever loving mind. I want you to have a plan and I want it to be simple. And amazing.

Every party has four elements.

  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games/Entertainment
  • Party Favors

That’s it. When it’s broken down like that, it’s a lot less overwhelming, isn’t it?

I’ve chosen a select list of ideas for each of those four categories. The idea is you pick a few, I say two or three from each category, and you’re going to achieve that simply amazing party.

Food & Drink for Your Unicorn Birthday Party

The food at a Unicorn Birthday Party is going to magical to eat AND to look at.

This is supposed to be rainbow-y, magical land, right? (Not unlike a Trolls birthday party!)

So think rainbows! Glitter! Bursting with joy! But for food.

Here, we’ll figure it out together…

Unicorn Popcorn from Life Love Liz

Ok, popcorn is one of my favorite snack foods of all time.  Pink and blue popcorn?  My life is complete. 

What is genius about this idea from Life Love Liz of having little person servings in cute containers like you see here is that it is single serving. Because really, do you want to be sharing a giant bowl of popcorn with a bunch of 9 year olds? 

No, I didn’t think so.

Germs stay neatly contained with their owners inside of the single serving popcorn container.

Rainbow Unicorn Dip from Chocolate Covered Katie

Now that is some magical dip. 

I mean, what if we just started adding a little food coloring to things in our everyday life? Is there really a rule that says we can’t make our mashed potatoes or cauli mash rainbow colored ? 

Why are we so boring, people?? Ok, maybe we should reserve food dye for special occasions only. Like Magical Unicorn Birthday Parties. And boring Monday nights.

Unicorn Yogurt Bites from Fun With Mama

Now, these yogurt bites from Fun With Mama are technically just yogurt, so I have to say these wouldn’t be terrible for you. 

They sure do look pretty, though, don’t they? 

These little guys are frozen, so they would be perfect for a summer Unicorn party. You could even make them in different shapes if you had a an adorable ice cube tray like this hearts and stars ice cube set from Amazon.

Pink Cotton Candy Drink from Eating On a Dime

You can’t tell me that 99% of little girls wouldn’t go nuts for this pink cotton candy drink from Eating On A Dime.  It is just the perfect shade of pink and it looks oh so grown up!

It does actually have cotton candy mixed with ginger ale, so perhaps one glass per child unless you want to deal with some serious sugar rush situations.

I mean, you’re going to deal with some sugar rushes at this party. Maybe pour one for yourself. You might need the sugar rush.

Magical Unicorn Donuts from Savvy Saving Couple

Donuts anyone?  Is there a better idea than having donuts at every party?

It’s so easy.  You buy donuts.  You smear them with some cute frosting and sprinkle candy on them. 

Most festive and most easy all in one.  That’s a win for everyone! Well done Savvy Saving Couple.

Unicorn Birthday Cake from 100 Layer Cake-let

Of course every party needs a cake and I don’t think you will find a more magical unicorn cake than this very one. 

I don’t know if you have the skills to DIY this cake from 100 Layer Cake-Let. I don’t. But you could take this picture to a good baker and I bet they could replicate it for you.

I love how unicorns always have closed eyes with eye lashes now.  That’s a new thing.  I don’t remember that from my when I was a kid.

Unicorn Birthday Party Decorations

While everyone is eating, the first thing people will start talking about is the party decor.

Your party decor is more than just making the place look cute (I mean it’s a lot of just making the place look cute), it’s also about creating conversation starters.

No one wants to walk into a party, grab their popcorn and just stare at each other. The party decorations can be the thing that gets your guests ooh-ing and aah-ing.

At least until the sugar kicks in and then you won’t care what anyone is talking about. You will just want them to be QUIET.

Unicorn Party Invites from Monica Gale

The first taste your guests are going to get of the vibe of your party is with the invitations.

These precious and pretty cards from Monica Gale are setting you off on the right foot. 

I mean, those bitty flowers around the unicorn’s horn?  Too cute for words, really.  Who’s not going to be over the top excited for this party when they get this invite?

Unicorn Centerpiece from Catch My Party

Flowers are always nice at a party.  But they can be very pricey.

Hydrangea’s are a gorgeous large bloom, so you don’t have to buy too many of them to fill up a centerpiece like this one from Catch My Party.

This one also has pretty pale pink carnations as an accent.  Carnations are one of the most inexpensive flowers you can buy, so these won’t really break the bank.

DIY Glitter Cups from Evites

Don’t forget the details when it comes to your party decor! 

These glitter cups from Evites are a super inexpensive way to add some serious glamour to your party. 

It’s this type of thing that people will remember at the end.  They’ll say, “That was such a sweet party.  I can’t get over those cups!”. 

For real.

Rainbow Photo Backdrop

Photo back drops are a definite must for parties.   Kids are all about their social media and they will be posting pretty pictures in front of this super colorful backdrop. 

It’s also a super simple DIY. That’s just white balloons and plastic table cloths hung in sheets. 

Small amount of work for a very big impact.

Unicorn Utensil Holders from Etsy

You need to put your utensils somewhere.  

That’s an opportunity for you to add some real personality to this party.  These pretty unicorn mason jars are definitely DIY-able. 

But, if you’re not in a DIY kind of  mood, you can buy them from Etsy!

Unicorn Backdrop from one crafty cookie

This whole food table set up from One Crafty Cookie is amazing. 

The unicorn backdrop is simple.  Some eyelashes surrounded by large paper flowers and a horn.  Those are all things you can make.

The other important thing I want to point out in this picture is the balloons.  Balloons go a very long way when it comes to party decor, don’t skip them. And, you don’t need to have a ton of them, either. 

A few well placed balloons will do the trick, as you can see above.

Unicorn Party Games and Entertainment

At this point, everyone has had a few nibbles of food and they’ve gushed over your decorating skills. 

It’s time to amp up the fun with some games and crafts!

Printable Pin the Horn on The Unicorn Game from We Heart Parties

Ok, if you’re having a unicorn party, this Pin the Horn on the Unicorn Game from We Heart Parties is a must. 

It’s completely adorable.  I love the girly play on pin the tail on the donkey.  And any chance kids get to be blindfolded is always fun. 

Make sure you have the camera ready for this!

Unicorn Dream Catchers from Hello Wonderful

Dream Catchers like these from Hello Wonderful are not really difficult to make.  Young girls can absolutely do this. 

I made something similar with my Girl Scout troop several years ago when they were in fourth grade.  This is great because it can also act as your party favor, too.

This one is probably a little on the expensive side with purchasing all of the materials, so it’s a good idea to make it do double duty as Entertainment and Party Favor.

Lego Unicorns from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

These little Lego Unicorns from Frugal Fun 4 Boys are great!  This is nice if you need a quiet moment during the party. 

Everybody loves Legos so this should capture the attention of all of your guests.

A lot of these Unicorn Party Games/Crafts are definitely on the feminine side so if you have some little boy guests, they will be very happy to see some Legos.

Unicorn Masks from It’s Always Autumn

Coloring crafts are great for parties with a big range of children’s ages. If they can hold a crayon, they’ll love this cute craft. 

What’s extra special about these Unicorn Masks from It’s Always Autumn is that after coloring, the kids can wear them.

And the make believe unicorn games will commence!

Unicorn Horn Edible Craft from Darling Darleen

I love edible crafts!  Kill two birds with one stone with this Unicorn Horn craft from Darling Darleen.

Also, sugar rush! 

Crazy children running everywhere!


Unicorn Party Favors

It’s not a real party unless there are party favors.  Sorry, but that’s just a fact. 

Kids these days are all about the swag bag.

Magical Unicorn Pooping Sprinkles from Hello Wonderful 

Unicorns, sprinkles, rainbow, poop. 

One of these things seems to not belong. 

But somehow it all works.  Kids love talking about poop.  The other parents will LOVE you for this Unicorn Pooping Sprinkles party favor from Hello Wonderful.

Unicorn Party Bags from Etsy

You’re going to need to put the party favors in something.  These bags are perfect. 

These are totally DIY-able, but if you’re not in the DIY mood, you can buy the from Etsy!

Unicorn Slime from My Frugal Adventures

Children are obsessed with slime.  Children’s love for slime appears to be inversely related to the hatred that adults have for slime. 

It’s one of those things that parents and children will never agree on.  It’s messy, expensive and contributes nothing to the greater good of man.

HOWEVER!  We love those children and we will feed their slime obsession, won’t we? Try this Unicorn Slime from My Frugal Adventures.

Unicorn Headband from Etsy

A headband is a great party favor.  It actually serves a purpose other than amusing children. 

You child could absolutely wear this as a head band. Maybe not to church or school, but pretty much anywhere else that is open minded enough for little girls to wear unicorn headwear.

Party the plan

Are you feeling all of the rainbows that you just witnessed? Just picture your (or party venue) awash a magical swath of colors.

It will be impossible not to have a good time.

It will be one for the memory books, for sure.

How To Plan a Magical Unicorn BIrthday Party