13 Charcuterie Boards To Serve At Your Next Party

I don’t want to say I’m lazy about party food, but for certain parties I do want to know that I can actually enjoy the party and not spend half the time tending to food in the kitchen. That’s why I love to serve a Charcuterie Board for a crowd.

Similar to the food bar idea, the Charcuterie Board serving method let’s you sit down and relax with your guests.

You do want to sit and relax with your guests, right?

If not, you should try throwing a 5 Course dinner party where you can hide in the quiet of the kitchen while the guests are in the dining room not annoying you.

I guess it all depends on who you invited.

But What Is a Charcuterie Board?

I’m so glad you asked.

First we should talk about the pronunciation of Charcuterie. It rhymes with Bar Boot Errey.

Where the Errey is pronounced like erie. Not like Lake Erie, but like erie in um, I don’t know any words besides charcuterie that end in erie.

The dictionary says the correct pronunciation of Charcuterie is:


So there you go, that’s how you pronounce Charcuterie.

But what is it?

Classic Charcuterie Board

It’s supposed to be a platter of meat and cheese. That’s it’s origin. It’s served on a sturdy board (hence the board part) and everyone picks off of it.

So if you’re one of those germ freak types, you might not like the Charcuterie Board. Or you can make everyone wear plastic gloves. Your choice, but you might not get anyone to come to your house again for a party if you make them wear gloves.

The sturdiness of the board is important because you are going to really load that baby up with food. The idea is for it to look like an ABONDANZA of food. For people to feel like they are overwhelmed with choices of delicious little bites of food!

While the Charcuterie started as a Meat & Cheese platter, creative people everywhere have taken the humble Charcuterie to a whole new level.

Fruit, nuts, pickles, chocolate, waffles… Nearly anything goes nowadays with the Charcuterie board. And because nearly anything goes, you can serve a Charcuterie board for almost any event.

What I love the most about the Charcuterie Board is that it gets people gathered in one spot. Oohing and ahhing about the beautiful board and saying things like,

“Oh, did you try that fig?!”

It’s an ice breaker, if you do it right.

15 Amazing Charcuterie Boards to Feed a Crowd

There are some amazing examples of Charcuterie Boards to inspire you. It’s really up to your imagination and/or the imagination of the people on Pinterest.

Breakfast/Brunch Charcuterie Boards

The Crumby Kitchen has a beautiful example of a Charcuterie Board you can use for a brunch. It’s got some muffins, cheese and even bacon!

Or maybe you’d rather this epic Silver Dollar Charcuterie Board from the Reluctant Entertainer:

That is an epic breakfast right there. I imagine bazillionaires wake up to something like that every day.

Savory Charcuterie Boards for Apps or a Light Meal

This more traditional Charcuterie Board from Whole Lotta Yum is not just pretty and delicious. It’s also Keto friendly. Don’t tell any of your guests that because they will never know the difference.

Unless you have a guest who eats Keto in which case they will love you forever for serving this:

Here’s the Reluctant Entertainer again with a Bread Dipping Charcuterie Board that is stunning:

That one is great because it’s got a little bit of sweet with these apple slices to balance all of that amazing savoriness.

No Biggie has a Charcuterie Board that to me looks perfect for family game night. I know you probably throw a bag of chips and some salsa on the table for family game night, but why not class it up a little?

Cooking With Cocktail Rings has a super fancy dancy Charcuterie Board that would be gorgeous for a holiday party:

Belly Full has done something super cool with those crackers to make this one a little extra special:

We’ll call that one Ring Around the Yum. Ok, maybe not. Reminds me Ring Around the Collar.

This abundant Charcuterie Board from A Bountiful Kitchen has reminded me of something very important:

Put some little cheese knives or spoons on or near your board to limit the fingers on the food. I mean, let’s not be totally gross, right?

A Fork’s Tale has taken the Charcuterie Board a step further and included the wine on it:

You can just sit right there in front of the board and eat and drink to your heart’s content. That’s my kind of party.

Dessert Charcuterie Boards

You can do Charcuterie for dessert. Why not, right? Check out this sweet Fondue Charcuterie Board from Kelley Nan:

What’s great about this and about every Charcuterie Board is that there should be something that will please everyone. I mean there’s always that one person at every party, but who turns down an Oreo? Dipped in caramel?

Then there’s this sweet & salty Charcuterie Board from Two Peas and Their Pod:

It’s dessert, but it’s like a perfect late snack type of thing, too.

This Movie Night Charcuterie Board from Taming Twins is definitely perfect for movie night, but would be great for a sweet treat after any meal.

I love how completely kid friendly that one is.

Hoosier Home Made has a dessert Charcuterie Board with a colorful theme:

The color scheme is impressive but the other thing I love about that one is there isn’t anything super fancy or expensive. But it certainly looks super fancy and expensive.

Party With a Plan

Do you want to build a Charcuterie Board? You do, don’t you?

They are really the perfect party platter, but I kind of want to create a personal size one just for me to sit in front of Netflix with.

Doesn’t that sound fun? No sharing. All yours.

Let’s do it.