15 Easy Party Appetizers That Make Parties Easy

I don’t know why but party appetizers are what I always seem to remember most from parties. I love tiny bites of food that are bursting with flavor.

Ok, I just love food. It doesn’t matter what size or shape it is. It just has to taste good.

But if you’re throwing a party, you should definitely serve appetizers no matter what the menu is. You can even do JUST appetizers.

I guarantee you will get compliments on the food and if you’re any good in the kitchen, the next party you have someone will ask, Oh, are you making those delicious little crab appetizers again?

Maybe not crab specifically, but you get the point.

15 Party Appetizers Your Guests Deserve

Before we get to the appetizers. Let me give you a little tip here.

Actually, first let’s talk about the point of the party.

A party is meant to be a fun gathering of friends and family with good food and drinks and laughter and maybe some games.

It’s not supposed to be a stressful form of torture where you spend days in the kitchen preparing food to perfection just so your friends and family can be impressed with your cooking skills.

They are just going to shove the food in their faces in 2.2 seconds anyway.

So, here’s my suggestion.

Pick two or three of the party appetizers from this list and then ask your guests to each bring an appetizer.

Add some booze and your party is done. Well, for the food and drink anyway. Maybe get a box of cupcakes, but the apps and the alcohol are why people are coming.

And the company.

Ok, here are the appetizers. Finally, right?

#1 Glazed Kielbasa Pineapple Bites from Jam Hands

There is not a better duo in the country than sweet and salty.

Ok, maybe chocolate and peanut butter.

But sweet and salty is right there with chocolate and peanut butter. And these Glazed Kielbasa Pineapple Bites from Jam Hands are all about the sweet and salty.

And they are insanely easy to make, too.

#2 Blooming Quesadilla Ring from Tasty.co

Quesadillas are an excellent choice for a party appetizer. I brought them to my daughters 7th grade cast party for The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe in which she starred as Peter.

They were a huge hit.

And she remembered all of her lines!

Fancy up the quesadilla with this Blooming Quesadilla Ring from Tasty.co.

#3 Buffalo Ranch Meatballs from Plain Chicken

There’s no greater duo in the country… wait… ok, coming in THIRD for greatest duo in the country is Buffalo and Ranch!

Add to the fact that you are getting the buffalo and ranch flavors in the form a meatball and you have a perfect party appetizer.

We all love buffalo wings but let’s be honest. No one looks sexy chomping on a buffalo wing. It’s even less attractive when you have a plate of bones in front of you.

Do you want your best friends cute cousin counting how many buffalo wings you ate based on the tiny carcasses in front of you?

So go for these Buffalo Ranch Meatballs from Plain Chicken. No muss, no fuss.

#4 Baked Crab Popper Delights from Just a Pinch

Here’s the crab thing I referenced in the opener. These things are delicious.

Not everyone likes crab, I know. Just don’t invite those people.

Just kidding. Just make sure there’s another non-crab party appetizer for your annoying picky friend with bad taste in food.

But definitely still serve these Baked Crab Popper Delights from Just a Pinch.

#5 Spinach Dip Bites from Go Go Go Gourmet

I love spinach dip. It’s practically healthy seeing as it has spinach in it. (NO, IT ISN’T. That’s the lie you tell yourself as you eat the seventh Spinach Dip Bite from this Go Go Go Gourmet recipe.)

Little bites like this are great for a party because they are completely not messy. You pick it up, pop it in your mouth and you barely have to rub your fingers on a napkin to get the crumbs off.

You might just have to dab the corner of your mouth though and ask someone to check your teeth for stray spinach strings.

#6 Individual Veggie Cups from Unsophisticook

These individual Veggie Cups from Unsophisticook are perfect for the germaphobe at your party.

The only hands that will have touched those veggies are the person who prepared them and the person who is eating them.

And the person who picked them. And the person who processed them at the food processing warehouse. And the guy at the supermarket. And every person at the supermarket who likes to poke and prod their vegetables before they buy them.

So practically no one, germaphobe friend!

#7 Brie, Apple and Honey Crostini from Two Peas and Their Pod

This is kind of a fancy dancer appetizer. Brie? Crostini? This party appetizer from Two Peas and Their Pod will make you look kind of sophisticated. So later when you’re snort laughing at some of the party games you planned, you won’t feel so bad.

While it may look fancy, it’s 100% easy to make. There’s not even really any cooking involved.

Unless you count “toasting” as cooking. Which you are totally allowed to do.

#8 Pulled Pork Puff Pastry from Plain Chicken

Uhhh, yeah. These are making this Keto girl want to cheat on her diet.

To be honest I would eat nearly anything if it’s in a Puff Pastry. Which is probably why I no longer allow myself to eat things like Puff Pastry.

But for a party? This Pulled Pork Puff Pastry from Plain Chicken is going to knock people out. They’ll be walking up to you with puff pastry crumbs in their beards asking if you have anymore.

#9 Mini Italian Skewers from Listotic

Think of these cute little party appetizers as an antipasto on a stick.

And appetizers on a stick are always a great way to serve your guests. They don’t have to worry about carrying a plate and a fork around. The only problem of course is what to do with the stick after you’re done. I say stick it in your pocket if you’re not near a trash can.

That’s probably the wrong answer though. Leave a little bowl or something out so that guests can dispose of the sticks properly, ok?

#10 Deviled Eggs from Pinch My Salt

Deviled Eggs are a classic. In fact this recipe from Pinch My Salt is called Classic Deviled Eggs.

My mother made them every year for Thanksgiving and now I make them every year for Thanksgiving. And I also make them whenever I want them because now I’m the adult and I get to make the rules.

Deviled eggs are easy to make. If you can boil water, you can make them. They also take very few ingredients and all of the ingredients are inexpensive. So if you’re on a budget, put these on the list.

#11 Buffalo Chicken Tortilla Pinwheels from Home Cooking Memories

If you haven’t tried serving these little pin wheel style sandwiches like these at Home Cooking Memories at any of your parties, well, what are you waiting for?

They are all the rage. Just look at Pinterest. It’s Pinwheel Bite Size Sandwich city over there, man!

Seriously, these are super simple to make, they feed a crowd and you can make tons of different variations if you’re not into Buffalo.

#12 Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Potato Wedges from One Sweet Mess

Basically, the take away from all of these appetizers is that if you can find a couple of flavors that you know people love and mash them together somehow, then you’re going to win the party appetizer game.

Here’s Bacon Wrapped Barbecue Potato Wedges. You can’t miss, right? Bite sized. Single portion. On a stick.

It’s party appetizer perfection.

#13 Baked Tomatoes with Mozarella and Parmesan from The Cookie Rookie

These Baked Tomatoes with Mozarella and Parmesan from The Cookie Rookie are almost like pizza.

Except no crust. But most of the flavors are there. What’s magical about this is they are gluten free. And probably Keto friendly. And I’m pretty sure even a vegetarian could eat them.

That’s a hard working appetizer that can serve three of your annoying diet friends.

#14 Toasted Ravioli from Garnish & Glaze

Have you had Toasted Ravioli like these from Garnish & Glaze?

You need to try them. They take ravioli to a whole new level.

They also are a perfect party appetizer because when they are toasted like that they are easy to pick up with your fingers and dip in some sauce and eat them.

Not like regular raviolis which are slippery little suckers.

#15 Ham and Swiss Sliders from Graceful Little Honey Bee

The name Ham and Swiss Sliders does not do this party appetizer from Graceful Little Honey Bee justice.

There are so many flavors involved with these little sandwiches that they are making my mouth water just writing about them.

The savory cheese and ham with the sauce, the sweet rolls and the butter. If you’ve never made these before you have to try them.

They are a little labor intensive, but still easy. You aren’t going to cook them incorrectly or anything. Well, maybe you could. I don’t know how bad you are in the kitchen. But for the average to below average cook, these are not difficult.

Party With a Plan

Alright, call your friends. Or Facebook them or whatever. You’re having an impromptu appetizer party. Pick a couple from this list, tell your lazy friends if they don’t bring an app, they better bring a bottle of booze and have some laughs.

Maybe throw a charcuterie board together, too and plan a couple of party games.

It will be a hoot.