15 Winter Cocktails If You Want to Have a Really Good Holiday Party

What wins the Food Vs. Cocktail competition when it comes to an adult party? To me it’s the cocktail. Good winter cocktails can cover for the bad food you might have cooked.

Burned the charcuterie? No one will notice when you’re serving a perfect Hot Toddy.

JK, you can’t burn a charcuterie. You can burn appetizers, but you can try these easy appetizers for your next party.

I’ve gotten off the path. We’re talking about winter cocktails. Maybe for me the food does win. It has totally side tracked me from the cocktails.

The Winter Cocktails Your Guests Will Talk About Tomorrow

Hopefully your guests are talking about your winter cocktails tomorrow. Depending on how well or poorly the party goes, maybe they won’t be talking at all the day after your party.

I don’t really know which means the party went well and which meant it went poorly. I think not talking the next day is the sign of a good party, though. Right?

The Hot Toddy

Yes, the Hot Toddy is an actual thing. My husband went to bar tending school years ago and this is one of the first drinks he learned to make.

I love the idea of a Hot Toddy for a party because it’s funny. It seems so old school and so it will be more than just a drink; it will be a conversation starter.

At least until everyone has drank their Hot Toddy and then no one really needs conversation starters, right?

Find the recipe for the Hot Toddy on Tasty Food Videos.

Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa

If you’re planning a holiday brunch, then a mimosa is the perfect cocktail option.

Make it a winter cocktail by switching out the orange juice for cranberry juice. The color is lovely and the flavor or cranberry is more “winter”, right? Oranges to me scream summer.

Pro tip, I love the vanilla swirler in there, but those are expensive so skip them if you’re on a budget.

You can find the recipe for the Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa on Honey and Birch.

Bailey’s Martini

This is like liquid dessert. I just want to have one of these every night this winter, party or no party.

Do you think there are people that drink a cocktail like this on a regular night at home? I bet there are. I’d like to know them.

And Baileys is only one of the spirits in this drink. This one will get you toasty!

Find the recipe for the Bailey’s Martini on Wine and Glue.

Mulled Wine

Have you heard of mulled wine? I have heard of it and I almost want to try it.

Except I really don’t like red wine. I don’t really like any wine. I’m more of a rum & coke kind of girl.

But Mulled Wine is warm and I can imagine the fruit sweetens up the wine a bit, so I almost want to try it. Maybe. We’ll see. If I run out of Captain.

Find the recipe for Mulled Wine on The Happier Homemaker.

White Winter Punch

I like a good punch. To drink. I don’t think I would like a good “punch”, like in the arm.

But a sweet and tasty punch sounds great.

This one has a ginger flavor to it and it looks beautiful with that light amber color and cranberries.

Find the recipe for the White Winter Punch on Springlane.

Eggnog Pudding Shots

You can argue with me that a Pudding shot isn’t actually a cocktail. It’s more like an appetizer? Tiny dessert?

Fine, whatever. I wasn’t about to leave an Eggnog Pudding Shot off this list of winter cocktails, though.

Doesn’t it sound a little gross and awesome at the same time?

You can find the recipe for the Eggnog Pudding Shot on Ann’s Entitled Life.

Santa Claus-mopolitan

Ohhhh, so cute, right? I love the little coconut on there. And the color is gorgeous.

Cranberry juice and cranberry peach juice are the mixers and then vodka and some other boozy stuff.

This is perfect for a Christmas party for adults. That little bit of sugar around the rim gives it a pretty shimmer, too.

Find the recipe for the Santa Claus-mopolitan at Blue Ribbon Kitchen.

Banana Rumchata Colada

If you haven’t ever tried Rumchata, you need to get yourself to the package store and try some Rumchata. It’s magical.

I think the coconutty Rumchatta with banana is a delicious idea.

I’m not a huge fan of those cherries, but I get how they kind of complete the look for a winter cocktail.

You can find the recipe for a Banana Rumchata Colada on Giggles, Gobbles and Gulps.

The Grinch Cocktail

I know I just said I’m not a fan of the red cherries, but you cannot skip it in this adorable Grinch cocktail.

It’s the Grinch’s heart! Ok, that’s a little weird, but, it’s perfect, right?

This, to me, is a perfect Ugly Sweater Party drink.

You can find the recipe for the Grinch Cocktail on The Toasty Kitchen.

Frozen Salted Caramel White Russian

You had me at Salted Caramel. And also White Russian.

The frozen part, not so much, but I’ll take it. This sounds sooo delicious. What is it about salted caramel? It’s like the most perfect flavor ever.

And, yes, you should totally take this over the top with the caramel candy garnish. Why not? It’s a winter cocktail. It’s freezing outside. You deserve it.

You can find the recipe for the Frozen Salted Caramel White Russian on Bloggheti.

Sex On a Snowbank

Pretty drink, right? I think the point of the name is that you’d have to have a few to consider sex on a snowbank.

Because that sounds like a nightmare. It’s freezing. It’s slippery. There’s no traction. What about frost bite?

I’ll enjoy the drink by the fireplace and continue to avoid snowbanks.

You can find the recipe for Sex on a Snowbank at Nellie Bellie.

White Christmas Mojito

This is the most beautiful winter cocktail on this list. Those pomegrantes in the fluffy white drink is gorgeous.

Not too pretty to drink though. Because it has rum in it and rum is my favorite.

This is being served at my Christmas Eve dinner. I should probably practice making them before that, actually, shouldn’t I?

You can find the recipe for White Christmas Mojito at Good Living Guide.

Holiday Moscow Mule

Can you drink a Moscow Mule in a non-winter month? I’m not really sure what the rules are on that, but I definitely know that this Holiday Moscow Mule is a winter cocktail.

I’m pretty the rules do state that you have to use one of these fancy mugs if you are going to drink a Moscow Mule.

Ok, I’m kidding, there’s no rules. Drink what you want whenever you want out of whatever you want.

You can find the recipe for the Holiday Moscow Mule on The Kachet Life.

Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee

I know you’ve already gone and grabbed your keys so you can buy the ingredients for this ridiculously delicious sounding coffee.

I don’t blame you. It’s the perfect after dinner and instead of dessert cup of coffee when you have that cozy dinner party you’ve always wanted to have in the middle winter.

You want that, right?

You can find the recipe for the Bailey’s Pumpkin Spice Coffee on Creative Culinary.

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

Here’s a fun fact about me. Kahlua is the first alcohol I ever drank. I’m not telling you when that happened in case any of my kids ever read this.

I drank it with milk, but Kahlua with Hot Chocolate sounds way better. A perfect winter cocktail to warm up with after sledding. Or ice skating. Or just walking from the car to the house after work. But definitely a lovely choice for a winter party.

No judgment.

You can find the recipe for Kahlua Hot Chocolate on Sugar and Soul.

Party the Plan!

You are going to have to plan some food to go with these drinks, but I’m banking on the winter cocktail you choose being the winner of the party.

If you need food ideas, try a food bar for your party! Then you can concentrate on sipping your cocktail.