9 Party Games for Adults So You Can Have Fun Like Kids

Do adults need party games? It’s kind of a philosophical question. I say yes. Adults should get to have fun like kids at their parties. Party games for adults are a go.

So, what, pin the tail on the donkey and relay races?

Um, if that’s what you’re in to, ok, but I have a few other ideas that I think you might find are fun and sophisticated.

JK, none of these are sophisticated. We’re not that kind of place, ok?

These party games for adults are “Oh my God I just peed a little” fun. You in?

You are.

9 Stupid Fun Party Games For Adults

#1 Slip It In

Slip It In is a completely PG game where at the beginning of your party everybody gets a phrase, like:

  • I’m an amateur hula dancer.
  • I’m a founding member of the ‘NSync fan club.
  • I have an extensive rubber ducky collection.

The goal is to slip your phrase into natural conversation without anyone noticing. For at least five minutes. If someone calls you out on your phrase within 5 minutes of uttering it, you lose.

If they don’t, well, then you’re stuck talking about ‘NSync for five minutes before you can claim victory.

And if you get the Hula dancing one? You better be prepared to show your hula skills to keep the lie alive.

#2 Reverse Charades

Reverse Charades is exactly like charades except instead of 1 teammate guessing what their one teammate is charading, it’s 1 teammate guessing what their 3 (or more!) teammates are charading.

Do you see how this could get alarmingly confusing?

The Charaders (the teammates acting out the phrase) are not allowed to talk, not even to each other. So there’s no scheming about how to make this easier on the person who is guessing.

The charaders charade as many phrases as the guesser can correctly guess in two minutes. The winning team is the team who guesses the most phrases. In case that wasn’t obvious.

#3 Spoons

I’m not going to go into detail about how to play spoons. There are excellent and extensive instructions on How Do You Play.

What I am going to tell you is WHY you should play.

You should play Spoons because it let’s you be your inner bad person.

You can be sneaky and steal a spoon deftly while no one is looking.

Or, you can be the intimidator and get loud and big when you grab your spoon, terrifying your next door neighbor’s Auntie Helen.

And, you can trash talk all of your friends and family when you win with phrases like,

  • Game. Blouses. (google it)

#4 Karaoke Relay

Karaoke is great. But it’s a little over done, right?

It needs a twist and that twist is Karaoke Relay.

You play in teams. One person is the buzzer and rings the buzzer or bell or claps their hands or whatever in the midst of the song and the next teammate up has to pick up singing mid song.

Imagine the power of being the person with the buzzer.

You want to play now, don’t you?

I don’t really know how you determine a winner with this one, but, really, the winner is going to be the person with the buzzer. Because they will laugh the hardest.

#5 Cookie Pocket

I have to confess I’ve never actually played Cookie Pocket. It’s kind of an oddball game. You definitely need the right crowd for this one.

The idea is the host puts out a platter of cookies. And the guests have to secretly deposit cookies into the pockets of other guests.

Here’s why it’s odd. I’m not really sure how you put a cookie into someone else’s pocket without them knowing. I mean, you’ve seen the skinny jeans everyone is wearing, right?

But more weird is the idea that you LOSE if you have the most cookies. Since when is that a loss?

Maybe there’s a fun twist where everyone is actually TRYING to lose and the fun is in watching someone pretend that they don’t know someone else is stuffing a double stuff Oreo into their back pocket.

#6 Celebrity

Celebrity is one of those games you can play anywhere. A party. A long road trip. Sitting outside of Walmart waiting for Black Friday to start. Wherever you need some entertainment that requires nothing more than a pen and paper.

The party goers, or the unhinged Black Friday shoppers, write down the names of 10 celebrities on little pieces of paper and toss them in a bowl.

You can play minimalist Celebrity and you just give clues to your fellow party mates about who the celebrity is until they guess it.


You can go with the multiple round method where in Round 1 you can use as many words as you need to describe your celebrity, then Round 2, after you’ve gone through all of the celebrities once, you go through them again and you only get to say one word and then Round 3, same celebrities, but no words allowed. You’re basically at charades at this point.

The rounds are fun because the names are already on the tip of everyone’s tongue from the previous round.

# 7 Holiday Sticker Stalker

This is sort of like the Cookie game, except it is way easier than putting a cookie in someone’s pocket.

With holiday sticker stalker, everyone at the party gets 10 stickers. The goal is to stick them on other guests without them knowing.

If they catch you, they get to stick a sticker on you.

So if you aren’t sneaky, you’re in double trouble.

The smart party goer will create an alliance with another guest, signaling each other when someone is trying to put a sticker on them and creating diversions so they can easily place their stickers without getting caught.

This alliance system might end in a Sticker Stalker fight to the death as the winner of this game is the first person with no stickers left.

#8 LRC – Left Right Center

Left Right Center is not unlike Spoons in that the fun is all about the trash talk.

There are in depth instructions at Plentifun, but the fun of Left Right Center is in the speed of the round and the money changing hands.

I mean you don’t have to play for money, some people do chips, but money is a great motivator, right?

#9 The Candy Bar Game – Adult Edition

Ok, here’s the deal. This game is usually played with Candy Bars, hence the name.

But we’re all adults here and half of us are eating Keto, so we’re not that into candy bars, right?

Instead we’re going to play the Candy Bar Game with nips. Those adorable teeny tiny bottles of alcohol.

Have all of your guests bring three nips with them. You’re going to need a variety of flavors. You’re also going to need dice and a timer.

Put all of the booze in the middle of the table and have one player roll the dice. if the player rolls doubles, they get to pick a bottle of booze from the center of the table.

Pass the dice to the next player and if THEY roll doubles they get to pick a nip from the middle of the table OR they can steal a bottle from another player.

It’s the stealing that makes things fun.

And the booze.

Oh, and it’s also fun when people start to get sneaky about their booze and try to hide the Bacardi Dragonberry behind their back but what they don’t know is that you have a photographic memory for booze and you will not be fooled so easily!

Party With a Plan

Let’s not wait around for a reason to throw a party. Make a couple of party appetizers You have some awesome party games for adults that need to be played. We need to laugh more!

We need more tiny cute bottles of booze in our lives.

Don’t delay. Plan your party today.

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