9 Cheap Party Supplies To Have On Hand For Easy DIY Party Decor

Decorating for your party doesn’t have to break the bank. It actually shouldn’t. Or you might end up resenting your party. There are lots of ways to make DIY Party Decorations with cheap party supplies that will look totally not cheap.

Because no one wants to have a party and people leave saying,

That looked so cheap.

-your one awful neighbor

These cheap party decor ideas will all look like you spent a ton of time and money. It’s up to you to not reveal the secret that they are in fact, cheap.

9 Cheap Party Supplies You Need So You Can DIY Your Party Decor

Most of the stuff you see on this list you can get at the good old Dollar Store. And if not there, then definitely from Amazon and still pretty cheap.

I keep a bin of all of this stuff tucked away in the back of a closet for when I need it. It’s probably the most organized thing in my home.

#1 Balloons

Balloons are cheap. Balloons are easy to store. You can do a lot with balloons without ever even using helium.

Balloons take up a LOT of space when you have inflated them. They are bouyant and overall cheerful and fun to look at.

These are all of the reasons you should love decorating with balloons. But what do you do with them? Just blowing them up and tossing them around the house is not quite enough. Here are a couple of awesome ideas.

How about a balloon garland like this DIY from Pretty Providence?

I bet you’ve never thought balloons could be elegant, but check out these glittery balloons from Swaddles and Bottles:

#2 Plastic Tablecloths

If you are new here you might be about to move your cursor over to the back button because you think I’m crazy that I would include cheap Plastic Tablecloths as party decor.

Well give me a second to explain, ok? I’m not talking about just using them as tablecloths.

I’m talking about getting a little bit creative and using cheap plastic tablecloths in a way that is total unexpected.

You know that week on Project Runway when the designers have to use completely whacky materials to make their designs? It’s like that but party decor, not clothes.

Check out this amazing backdrop from a Kailo Chic Life:

See what I’m talking about? Aren’t you glad you didn’t hit the back button?

Then there’s this backdrop from Consumer Crafts:

#3 Paper Plates

After the table cloth thing, I know you trust me a little, so I know you know that I’m not talking about just using paper plates as something to eat off of.

I am talking about thinking outside of the box with those paper plates.

A backdrop made up of paper plates sounds kind of boring. But check this mermaid style backdrop from Hostess With the Mostess out:

Or, with a little ingenuity you could create a cupcake stand with paper plates and cups from the Dollar Store like this one from Evites:

#4 Free Printables

Free printables aren’t really in the “have on hand” category… Well, I guess they are. They are out there in blogland just waiting for you to download, so I guess technically you have these on hand.

As long as you have some paper which we’ll talk more about in a minute.

Free printables are effortless. And free. Unless you’re a stickler and count things like the cost of ink and each sheet of paper you use.

There are printable signs like this Happy Birthday one from I Should Be Mopping the Floor:

Printable tags for your food like these from By Sophia Lee:

The options are nearly endless and they are all there for the taking! In the internet!

#5 Hula Hoops

Party decor should be big and nearly obnoxious. Nearly. Not obnoxious, but close. So that you notice it and realize that it is a big and bold statement to celebrate this wonderful day that we have chosen for a party.

Hula hoops can help with that.

You can create massive centerpieces with a hula hoop like this one from Miss Plan It:

Or you can create a precious wreath like this one from AFloral:

See what I’m saying? They are so gigantic that they are almost obnoxious but you keep it classy by not going too nuts with what you decorate with.

#6 Tissue Paper

Tissue paper. I’ve talked before about the countless and scattered packages of tissue paper I have around the house.

I think every time I buy a present, I buy tissue paper. Because I get that weird Target brain where you just forget everything you’ve ever known about yourself.

But this is a good thing!

There are so many awesome party decorations you can make with tissue paper.

Like this tassel garland from Pizzazzerie:

Or these happy pom poms from Two Twenty One:

Perhaps this pretty garland from South Lumina Style?:

#7 Crepe Paper Streamers

Crepe paper streamers are great pretty much just as they are. You can use them exactly as they are intended and you will be doing just fine.

Or you can get a little creative and use them like a party planning boss that everyone will talk about. In a good way.

Go for perfectly simple and sweet with this pretty dessert table backdrop from Glorious Treats:

Or maybe work on the finer details of your party with these cute cupcake toppers from Cake Journal:

And to add a little something extra to old reliable crepe paper, check out this fringe garland from A Subtle Revelry:

#8 Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns are similar to balloons because they take up a lot of space visually. They may not be quite as versatile, but they are still great to fill a boring space at your party.

And of course you’re going to want to jazz them up just a tiny bit to give them that little something special that makes everyone think you are a mad crafting genius.

With a lot of time on her hands.

Llama party? (I don’t know anyone who has ever had a llama party, but whatever, the idea is spot on) DIY these awesome Llama lanterns from Hooray Today:

If it’s an “Under the Sea” or Mermaid party, these Jellyfish paper lanterns from Two Purple Couches are perfect:

#9 Paper

Paper? Yeah, paper. You’re going to want some decent quality card stock type paper around for free printables, nothing crazy, but a little bit of weight to it.

But there are also tons of different ways to use multi colored paper as party decor.

Multi color circles become a really pretty backdrop like this one from Etsy when strung together:

You can make these beautiful rosettes like these from Darice out of cardstock:

Get really creative and go for something 3 dimensional like this from Paper & Stitch:

Party With a Plan

Do all these cheap and easy diy party decorations make me want to throw a party for no reason at all.

I just kind of want to see what my house would look like with a few of each of these cheap party supplies all at the same time.

JK, kind of. Editing is always a good idea.